Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis

The marginal product of labor varies depending on the number of products a company is currently making such as cell phones, and tablets. This company is equipped with multiplies of workers to use all there equipment weather it’s their children or themselves. When the corporation doesnt have sufficient labors to custom all of its tools, an extra worker can harvest many more substances with its current equipment such as the tablet in this case or the Galaxy phones, so the marginal product of labor is high.

If Samsung have more workers that the machine it produces by hiring more people, so the marginal product of labor is lower, which is known as the law of diminishing returns. The amount of demand by any service that Samsung and Apple is significant to the amount of the services that the buyers are willing and able to purchase. But really these two companies are competing in the tablets and the IPhones all the other brands are Just added benefits to the company to make more profits.

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The amount that these two companies fund whether it is goods r services is the amount that they are willing and able to make profit. While Samsung have a wide range of cell phones Apple only has the IPhones but they both have services to make these device work. Now that we have understood the supply and demand for these products and services, we need to determine the value and the amount of the goods and services sold to the community.

Finding the equilibrium price which is the amount of the goods that people who are willing and can afford to buy.

Both of these companies have both cell phones and tables/ ‘Pads. IN the world we live in today cell phone are a must especially if you have children. There are schools as well as business that require the students to have IPads which is what’s being giving out in the schools then you have employments that require there workers to have cell phones. Cell phones and tablet from Samsung are the products that customers buy because Apple is overpriced and many people can afford to buy their goods.