Customer Profile of Metu Students on Shampoo Consumption

The word “shampoo” comes from the Hindu word champo which means “head massage”.

In United Kingdom, there were special places to get head massage like Turkish baths where even the kings facilitate from. In the 1860s, the meaning of the word shifted from the sense of massage to applying soap to the hair. Then later, English hairstylers found new way of using soap on the hair, boiled down it and added herb in it.By the way, today’s shampoo started to compose. Today, shampoo sector is one of the most challenging marketing areas of the world consisting various brands, selections and innovations.

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By this project, we will enlighten this sector’s effects on specific consumer target in the light of certain aspects. As being impartial part, we will make a research among METU students to define a profile of them on shampoo consumption, buying behavior and brand preferences .In order to show the examination subjects, we will explore effects of variables such as gender, socio-economic status, lifestyles, departments and education years. Based on this concept we will try to find answers to the questions “What kind of shampoo do METU students use? “, “What is the time and frequency of shampoo usage of METU students? “, “For which purpose of hair do they use shampoo? “, “When did METU students change their shampoos last time? “, “Why did METU students shift their shampoo preferences ? ” etc.With this project, as we also consider our experiences, observations and perceptions we are expecting to find out results such as “female students in METU use more differentiated and cosmetic shampoos “, “anti- dandruff shampoo usage is common between males”, “consumption of economic shampoos are high among METU students”, ” students who have education on social science departments have more frequent and cosmetic shampoo usage because of the reason that their departments’ characteristics are more presentable” , “students who have education on engineering departments use anti-hair loss shampoo more because they have more course credits per semester rather than other departments most of time, thus they are more stressful”.

To sum up , we will combine all the data, information we gathered as a result of research thus we will process those to results by making assessments and inferences. By the way, not only we measure our expected results but also we will find the new ones.