Medications ETC case study

What other questions should the nurse ask about the fatigue? Is the fatigue constant or intermittent- to determine what cause could be acute vs… Chronic Is there a simple reason for the fatigue-such as boredom, extra activity, no sleep, etc.

… What is the quality of your sleep? Have you had any recent Illnesses or change In medications ETC or prescribed? Any new stresses In your life?

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Such as family/health [financial/Montreal/physical etc.. What does your diet consist of on a daily basis, is this new? Also does it include alcohol/caffeine/smoking if so how much? 2.

What other assessments would be for this patient? Maybe some tests such as; EGG, EGG, stress test, sleep test/observation, etc…. Lab tests such as CB w/ dif, TTS, LIP, cholesterol, IAC, serum glucose, fasting glucose, U/ A, CPM, 812, ACT.

.. Review of medications, past medical history, vaccination records, environmental factors, family history Assessment of other current problems or homonyms.

Weight 3. What are some causes of fatigue? Thermodynamic, anemia, thyroid dysfunctions, auto-immune, DAM, formability, osteoporosis, medications, stress, disturbed sleep patterns, excessive physical activity, obesity, excessive alcohol/smoking/caffeine, imbalanced diet- too much or to less, imbalance in fluid volume, CHEF, COPED, bowel disturbances, fluid and electrolyte imbalances, recent illness viral/infection, and many more.

4. Develop a problem list from objective and subjective data. Problem list:

Pain, TN, Hyperglycemia, edema of lower extremities, elevated HER, decreased BP, fatigue, bill lung adventurous sounds 5. What should be included in the plan of care? Teaching – diet/meds/exercise/when to seek medical attention/ reduce risk factors Monitor- Strict 1&0, Free. Vs..

, monitor cardiac rhythm, edema-TED/SAD/elevate, lung sounds, 02 saturation, skin integrity, neuron checks, pain, pulses, lab values, sale of current medication, daily weight. Encourage- compliance with diet, medication regimen, exercise program, and overall health maintenance. Based on the readings, what is the most likely cause of fatigue for this patient? CHEF HER- 112 – Heart pumps harder in attempt to get more blood to the body. Fatigue- Due to less blood and oxygen to vital organs. Edema- Due to the weakness of the heart pumping less fluid to the kidneys.

Kidneys release rennin, negotiations, and lodestone which holds on to sodium and attracts fluid into the vascular system. Lung crackles: The weak heart contractions cause fluid to build up in lungs. HEX of MI, TN, and hyperglycemia are all precipitating factors.