D.B. Cooper

It was November 1971; a Mr. Dan Cooper had just boarded an airplane, along with about thirty-five other passengers.

The flight attendant came and started ordering drinks for the passengers. She came to Mr. Cooper and asked what he would like to drink, but instead he handed her a note. It was a note claiming he had a bomb and that he would blow up the airplane if they didn’t give him ransom money and four parachutes, as soon as they landed. Once they landed they started filling out his orders, while getting the money they took pictures of the cash, so they could easily track it if he spent it or if they find it.

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And also so the bills could be easily tracked they gave him mostly bills with L’s at the beginning. They met his demands with two-hundred thousand dollars and he released the passengers. They started filling up the airplane with fuel as slow as they could. But Cooper got angry realizing that they were taking to long on purpose and ordered them to hurry up. He then demanded that they fly to Mexico City. But on the way to Mexico, over the Oregon border the flight crew felt the plan lower meaning air had left the plane.

So they went to check on Cooper, but they found that he had jumped out of the plane’s back door at ten thousand feet, with the money strapped to his back and the four parachutes they had given him were missing also. They landed as soon as possible and contacted the FBI immediately. The FBI searched for anything regarding what happened to Cooper but found nothing. Then the FBI released the Cooper information to the public. By an error Dan Cooper became known as D.B.

Cooper. The name stuck like glue, from then on he was now known as D.B. Cooper. The FBI went through a lot of suspect including a man named Duane Weber who claimed to be the infamous hijacker at his deathbed.

But the DNA from the plane did not match his DNA, so he was probably not D.B. Cooper. yet he was probably one of the best suspects in this case so far. In 1980, a young boy named Ingram found some D.

B. Cooper cash while he was on a family picnic near the Columbia River. They contacted the police and gave them some of the serial numbers and the family gave the bills to the FBI to investigate. It turned out that young Ingram had found almost six thousand dollars worth of D.B. Cooper cash.

The FBI gave some of the money back to Ingram, and kept the rest to further investigate. Later when Ingram was older he sold the money at an auction and made over thirty thousand dollars from the Cooper cash. In 2008, two kids playing in there backyard found a parachute and tried to take it out as much as they could, and then they cut the strings. The kid’s family contacted the FBI and they came immediately to investigate the parachute, but the FBI decided that it wasn’t Cooper’s. I believe that he could have survived the jump because they have never found his body, or the rest of the money.

I wonder if he is still alive, or if he did die when he jumped out of the plane. I hope you enjoyed my speech and thought it was very interesting. I also hope you learned a lot about D.B. Cooper.