Dabur Recruitment Strategy

For a change, the boardroom meets the classroom.

The Rs 1 ,899. 57 crore Dabur India’s efforts to enter a-school classrooms in search of innovative ideas and business strategies to double its turnover and profit by 2009-10 has already thrown up around 100 potential acquisition targets for the home-grown FMCG giant. Dabur, in an attempt to infuse some fresh thinking and forge closer ties with campuses, is conducting a national case study contest called ‘Navigator’. Several nnovative ideas and business models were suggested by the a-school students.

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Under the contest, a-school students were invited to propose a business plan for Dabur towards achievement of Vision 2010. The two-pronged intent was to tap the brightest minds to give fresh perspectives and innovative ideas for growing the company and to dispel the traditional image and be viewed as a contemporary employer.

The company had received entries from over 120 teams and after shortlisting by internal senior managers, 46 teams were invited for the regional ound.

The contest was thrown open to students, either individually or in groups of three from each a-school, with no restrictions to the number of entries from each a-school. This shortlisting was done on structured parameters such as originality of proposal/ recommendations, quality of research and analysis, feasibility of implementing the recommendations, among others. Ten teams – including llM-Ahmedabad