Data Storage Problem

In the cover page for this assignment and all subsequent ones, include the: Company name Canadian city of incorporation Submission date Submission number Course number All of the group members names and their banner numbers Other Requirements: use Excel to solve part b. Use clear writing and a clear & organized layout Draw cash flow diagrams where appropriate Cite sources for Information acquired elsewhere All assignments must be bound or stapled In upper feet-hand corner ‘ENG 2005 Your group has decided to create a new company.

On your cover page, please provide the name of your company and the Canadian City In which you’re based; you will retain these designations for the duration of the term. Part (a) You are specialized In technology and services for the management and security of mobile computers, notebooks, and smartness. Your goal Is to help the organizations to reduce their IT costs, address regulatory compliance, combat computer theft, and optimize the productivity of their computer, and smartened devices.

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A successful Company in this business is “Absolute Software” located in Vancouver, BC and because it is a public company, the annual reports for are available through the internet. Compute some of these ratios for this company to get a general picture of the business and explain why you chose these ratios (I. E. Due to data availability, analysis goal, etc. ) Part (b) You need to buy a computer with BIBB storage capacity to keep a backup of your work. You expect the computer to last at least for five years.

Installing all the essential software and storing the initial documents took up 65 KGB of he total capacity.

Your previous works (before starting this business) must also be stored and It also needs KGB. Besides that You estimate that in coming years, annual storage requirements for regular operations will Increase according to the following equation: CNN = en Where n Is the number of years from today and CNN Is In units of KGB. For example, CO is the estimated capacity needed for storing the new data cleared In year 2. You can only purchase storage at ten start AT year 1 Ana TN start of year 4, and you must ensure that you will never run out of storage according o the projected requirements, as outlined above.