De Facto Standards in the eBook Space: Adobe or Microsoft?

Which firm Is currently In a stronger position to control De facto standards In the eBook space: Adobe or Microsoft or others? As always being a giant company in the publishing industry, Adobe had a great head start advantage over Microsoft in terms of number of content available as well as number of readers being able to display or print PDF format. Numbers speak, as for year 2000, there are over 1 00,000 eBooks available in Adobe PDF format while there are only dozens available to any other formats. By having 200 million downloads, Adobe Acrobat readers also significantly outnumbered Microsoft with Microsoft deader in the market.

However, throughout these years, Microsoft had come up aggressively proving that they are an emerging competitor In the industry that cannot be overlooked.

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There are a several factors to determine on who Is the dominant company to control De facto standards of eBook space and we will be breaking It down as below: Publishers Publishers, for most part of It try to appear to be neutral In terms of format. Of course, if at all possible, they wanted a single, open eBook standard, but none of them would want to take the risk of been left behind after choosing the wrong single standard.

As a result, as far as it goes right now, most publishers are willing to adopt their books in both PDF and Microsoft Reader format. Despite Microsoft having secured several exclusive deals such as the sole rights from Random House to publish Michael Crimson’s newest novel, Timeline in Microsoft Reader format, and another deal to solely own the publish rights a series of 15 popular Star Wars books for a limited period of time, Adobe still stands strong as the colossal ruler of the industry having and estimated of 70% of publishers’ digital archives of print titles already saved In PDF format.

Online bookstores Although books stores varied In their approach to format standards and most companies have launched deals with both Microsoft and Adobe, Microsoft got a lead by establishing a relationship with Amazon, the current and all-time leading market leader of eBooks to have them giving Microsoft Reader format a dominant.

Adobe, in the other hand, was having a disadvantage for not having any ongoing formal relationship with Amazon despite the use of PDF merchant for the sale of Stephen King’s Riding the Bullet.

Readers Adobe is definitely the leader in user market with 200 million copies of acrobat deader downloaded. This Is mainly because the acrobat reader can be used on all kinds of operating systems. Moreover, the acquisition of Glasswork Inc. Also Improved market share of the PDF format in the Industry.

Microsoft on the other hand, had offered to let users to download eBook reader for free to regain market share. After showing minimal Improvements, they also planned to have Microsoft reader built-Len as a bundle in windows, which is going to increase usability a lot.

Because users wouldn’t De unloading acrobat reader IT tenure’s already a steward In wallows Tanat allows them to read eBooks. Besides PC’s and Macs, format standard war between Microsoft and Adobe also extended to Pads. Both companies have been in tough competition to secure their position in the market on PDA devices since the early 2000.

The rise of Gametes While Adobe and Microsoft were fighting over the piece of meat in the market. Gametes initiate invasion to the industry by acquiring two eBook device makers – Envenomed and Softbank.

Also by developing software that allows user to record programs on their VS. by using program codes published in newspaper and television program guides, and acquiring the TV guide, Gametes has shown aggressive intention in competing in the market. Although Gametes eBooks were in Rocket eBook format, which was not compatible with Microsoft Reader format of PDF, there was still some content that are already available in the format.

Additionally user of Gametes can directly access to their eBook store through their eBook device.

They also managed to secure contracts with e-commerce giants in the field such as Barefacedness. Com for content of their format be established in their eBook store, in equal placement with Microsoft Reader and PDF. Conclusion To wrap it up, many people in the market these days may use Windows, but they are till using different products from Adobe such as Undersign, Acrobat, etc. It’s not to say that Adobe has a its position pinned on the market.

It’s Just that Microsoft Reader is still a relatively new product.

And at that time, Microsoft reader isn’t yet compatible with the Mac SO, and likely won’t ever be compatible with Linux. Likewise, another one of the biggest advantage Adobe had over Microsoft was the ability to allow user to print. Readers are not able to print with Microsoft Reader and according to a survey completed by Sherwood Research, it has shown that 80% of respondents old prefer to print a book out rather than downloading the book to a handheld device.

With the fading of Gametes, it seems like Adobe is standing strong as a dominant standard right now, but Microsoft is still in the race. After all, as other competition such as the operating system wars, browser wars, and even office suite wars all eventually coiled down with a clear victor (and all of them are dominated by Microsoft products), as the end consumer, we shall Just sit and watch the war settles the Darning’s way and enjoy all the benefits from the competition by eventually having the best, most stable, most user friendly eBook format.