Dear Family, ITS MY CHOICE

Well I am a junior this year and you know what my family has decided that means……


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.Its time to pick what I am to go to college for, Without asking me.. What do i want you ask. I want to Act, direct, and Write.

But when i said that to my family they merely laughed and said i could accomplish that goal by being a comedian first. Their laughter was like a thousnad needles in my heart. And when i tried to laugh off the pain they looked at me like a freak. I am So passionate about doing something with the Acting community but my family..

….Which none of them have graduated college want me to do multi-Media Artisty Which i do like..

.But i don’t love. Just Let me live my life Please Its not your decision its my. ANd this is unrelated but if they laugh at my dream to also dabble in Photography again i will freakin Lose it.