I know that another high school has just been built two miles away and you’re not sure where to go.

Here are some reasons why you should come to North side. One, the staff is always friendly. Second, we have really good food all the time. Third, our sport teams are excellent! Especially, the basketball and football teams. Yea some of the classes are challenging but, if they weren’t it wouldn’t be school.

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You’ll fit right in with the other kids and you’re schedule.At Northside the staff really cares about you’re well-being and helping you be all you can be. Everyone loves the gym classes. They make getting through the day so much easier. Also, the classes are super fun and you really learn a lot. The teachers make you feel right at home with their funny personalities.

Next, we have really good food. Everyone’s favorite is the nachos every other day. Also, if you don’t like what we’re having there are other options. If nothing sounds good then you don’t have to eat you can hang out in the commons or sit with friends.Third, our sport teams are excellent! Our sport teams are really fun to watch and to play in.

There’s a lot of sports to choose from like; basketball, football, volleyball, swimming, bowling, tennis, soccer, and track. If sports aren’t your thing we have academic teams to that are challenging. We even have a spell bowl and the kids on it are really smart. If Northside is too much then the other school might be better for you. Here at Northside everyone wants you to give 100% every day in every class your in.

The only disadvantage Northside has is you have to be very organized to make it to class on time because, they only give you five minutes to get to class. The other school is smaller and the kids aren’t as motivated as the ones at Northside. If you’re still not sure where to go then look online and I hope you choose Northside so I can see you more.