Defying Androgyny and Bending Gender: The Matrix

Gender- bending examples in the movie, ‘The Matrix’ are displayed in the dressing codes of all the chief characters. In a real world, there are more restrictive codes of dressing that determine how women dress and how men dress. While it is widespread for women’s styles to include masculine themes under the notion of being a “tomboy”, men who dress somewhat like women are not acceptable in society. In the movie, ‘The Matrix’, the men and women all dress alike in long trench coats and men have no facial hair. The female characters also cut trim their hair into boyish styles, so it is hard to be able to tell the gender of the characters sometimes. Secondly, the aspect of shape shifting is a key theme that runs throughout the movie.

It holds different meaning in the movie, though, than it has in the factual world. In the movie, Keanu Reaves and his fellow actors regularly move in and out of virtual and real time in order to conduct their fights against their nemesis, the matrix. The sinister agents that work against the heroes can also possess other bodies in order to fight more effectively. This movie depicts a future in which the truth accepted by most humans is a replicated reality fashioned to mollify and suppress the human inhabitants, while the electrical energy and heat in the human body is tapped as an energy resource for the machines (Cavallaro 64-68). In the movie, though Neo (Keanu Reeves), is the heroic male, he portrays characteristics that would be judged to be more feminine than masculine in the real world. He is soft-spoken, solitary, and is initially perplexed when unfamiliar people remove him from the Matrix.

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Though other fighters seem to know and rely on him, he appears unsureof his own abilities. He is strong, but not over muscled; physically powerful, but not particularly manly. He takes on responsibility, but gives no sermons on ethical practices, and he does not withdraw from aggression when it is required. His nature grows steadily from meekness toward bravery, until he finally instigates conflict to elicit resolution. Cavallaro’s Text about the BodyMany aspects of the Jungian theory can easily be modified to progress the comprehension of media texts – not just the positions within, but also intrigues, scenery and aesthetics.

Carl Jung supposed that the human mental faculty is restricted to the chronological course of words and their matching ideas, which crop up from its subconscious state. Consequently, if humans are to experience synchronization between their sub-conscious and conscious minds and the outside world they exist in, they must join these supposedly disconnected parts (Cavallaro 74-78). In the movie ‘The Matrix’, every character has a very unusual group of operational regulations, and arrangement of inspired contribution/output (Matrices). Many function within illustrated (Time/Space) actualities in various artistic dimensions. Others function within additional sensory spheres, or even as pure conceptual thought.

The construct to The Matrix of life is uncontaminated radiance, and the transformational factor is knowledge/thought. All light becomes pulsating thought; akin to what is produced when human beings dream. Vibratory illumination is light that is shaken by noise, appearing as the substantial/biological planet as it is deciphered by human brains. In operating within their subconscious and even waging wars from there, Keanu Reevves and his fellow fighters realize their full capacities to be entirely responsive to the earthly elements about them. They realize some vital facts about themselves, and succeed in estimating themselves as deserving of considerable attention and compassionate interest. Personal ViewsThe Matrix is an excellent movie for disaffected youngsters who long to live in the world of videogames that hold their interest.

The acting is faultless, and there is not much speaking (in comparison to other movies). The Matrix focuses on the facial expressions and physical bearings of its actors. The first time I watched the movie, I was captivated by its special effects. I sincerely felt that it is the most visually spectacular movies I had ever seen in my life. I have always been a comic book and movie fan, therefore the transitional aspect of the movie’s plot is very engaging to me, and this most likely enhances my delight in the movie. I also feel that the movie portrays how the large business establishments and the government have direct the lives of the common citizens.

If the world’s population realizes this fact, then can take that control back and start to improve their own lives. There also exists some Christian symbolism in ‘The Matrix’, with the “Real World” in the movie being a post-apocalyptic universe (heaven), and the reality of destroyed towns with machines in control (the sinful earthly population). Then there is ‘The Matrix’, software produced by the machinery that humans are connected to which makes them trust that they are just living their own lives. In truth, the humans are in an exclusive pod exploited as an energy resource for the enemy (The Devil).