Democracy in Schools

The United States is a democracy, why can’t schools be one too! A democracy would make schools so much better. “Democracy is worth dying for, because it’s the most deeply honorable form of government ever devised by man” Ronald Reagan. Every day around the United States of America students are dictated and told how to live their lives. There are many things students don’t have a say in.

If students were the deciding factor in our schools then things would be run better. School is one of the main factors in our lives. We should be the deciding factors in our lives. Having a dictatorship in school is muting the students Every student should have a voice, voting would give us a voice. If we vote on what happens in school the students are more involved.

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Every one having a vote would keep people happy. Majority would rule. Creativity of students would blossom and every student would get their vote. Teachers don’t know what we the students are going through. The principal is the dictator and he decides our fate.

If students, teachers and the principal all had a vote then everything would be fair. The principal can do as he or she pleases and it doesn’t affect them. No students want their lives in the hands of someone who hasn’t been in school for years. Pressure is rising and students will make stupid decisions and bad choices if their voices are not heard. Democracy in schools would make the United States a true Democracy.

Students are in great numbers, and if we wanted to revolt, we could. If it comes down to it, then we the students could revolt against the unfair dictatorship that is our school systems.