DepressionYou’re at your parent’s house hanging out with your friends and they start to talk about their family pets and what they love to do with them. All of a sudden, one of your friends walks up to you while you’re sitting on the lime sofa to asks you, “If it’s okay to talk about Prince?” You quickly turn you attention to them without making eye contact and say, “Sure, why not. I really don’t mind if you guys talk about Prince,” while shrugging your shoulders.

As you begin to rub your hand against your head, while you are trying to block out the conversation, your friends are talking about how Prince was like when he would always wag his tail and lick your face when getting home from school as a kid. Prince also had a floppy ear.It has almost been eight years since “the accident”on December 9th. As I start to remember the events on the night Prince passed away, I could feel the cold breeze pass through the car windows when getting home. I heard the mailbox “CLANK” after mom had gotten the mail.

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While sitting behind mom, she asked me, “Are we forgetting anything ,sweety?” I quickly replied, “No, I don’t think so?”As mom pressed the garage button, the next thing that happened was the headlights had shown a blurry figure with a pattern of light caramel brown and black furrun out from the garage fast on all fours.The next thing that mom said, “PRINCE! Honey, I want you to take baby inside the house and watch over her, okay sweety. I’ll go into the neighborhood and look for Prince, and bring him back.” Somehow mom had found Prince’s leash in theglove compartment. I quickly carried the baby inside the house and heard mom’s door close behind us.

Inside the house and pacing back and forth in front of the door, I was hoping that mom would bring Prince back home on his leash. It basically felt like hours, while twiddling my thumbs before mom returned home. I noticed that the leash in her hand was bunched up in a tight fist, and the person behind my mom was my dad. They both had this look on their face that just didn’t seem right. While staring at Prince’s doghouse, that’s when I knew Prince wasn’t going to spend another night in the doghouse.

It was all my fault, because I forgot to tell mom that Prince was in the garage. That’s when I felt it in my heart a piece of me shattered and broke off because I knew Prince wasn’t coming back home. The three main topics about Depression are the type of symptoms that people have, what age people experience depression, and how it affects the family.The SymptomsThere are many different types of symptom that people would experience during Depression. Some of the symptoms of Depression would include, “Loss of interest in daily activities or a person might decide not to care anymore about former hobbies”(Depression Symptoms ; Warning Signs: ..

.). One of the symptoms of Depression that I experienced was guilt because any time I thought of Prince there was always this voice in my head saying, “It’s all my fault, that Prince is gone.” I had also experienced the loss of sleep becausethoughts of menot telling momthat Prince was in the garage was running through my mind. The symptoms of Depression that you think are normal are not because the symptoms could become permanent.The Age RangeThe age when Depression usually occurs are in people around 18 or in their early 20s.

Depression may occur when you are younger or older. For example, Depression can happen to a young child when a family member passes away.”In 2014, around 15.7 million adults age 18 or older in the U.S.

had experienced at least one major depressive episode in the last year, which represented 6.7 percent of all American adults” (Depression | Anxiety and Depression A…).

I had experienced Depression at very young age when I was 6 years old after Prince passed away.It’s Affect on the FamilyIn some ways Depression could affect families because, it could run in the family. People have ended up in the hospital due to Depression by, “suicide attempts”(Depression ).”Depression often divides families” according to the article (Depression: A Family Matter ). Even though Depression is a hard thing to possibly live with, it can also cause emotional damage to the people around you that care about you.

ConclusionIn conclusion, the three main points about Depression are the symptoms, the age it occurs, and the effect it has on the family. Again, one of the most noticed symptom of Depression is “Loss of interest in daily activities” (Depression Symptoms ; Warning Signs: …).

Second, the age that Depression could occur is when people are 18 years old or in their early 20s. Finally, Depression could also run in the family. People that have Depression can get through it with the help ofpeople that care about them. (What is Depression? 2014). It still is hard for me going through Depression after the loss of Prince, but with the support of my family I’ve been able to get through this process in life.Work Cited(Depression | Anxiety and Depression A…)(What is Depression? 2014)(What is Depression? 2014; Depression Symptoms ; Warning Signs: …)(Depression: A Family Matter )(Depression )