Descriptive Essay: Technology In Our Lives

There are lots of types of technology in our life.

Here are a few that actually make our lives better to the point where if we could run them on renewable energy then the world would be a better place.The MicrowaveThis is the most efficient piece of technology in your kitchen. Microwave radiation is directed at the food, which heats up all of the most metallic elements of your food and makes it hot. The radiation goes away the millisecond the device stops, and all of it is trapped in the microwave box (or else it would heat your kitchen). The way it works is why your microwave acts a little weird sometimes. For example, how I may put in an empty plate from one set and it heats up to near scalding in seconds, and you put in a plate from another and it takes 20 minutes to warm up the edges a little.

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If you put pure distilled water in to your microwave then you can heat it up to the point of making it explosive because the microwaves have no metallic pieces to warm up in the usual fashion. For your information, the metallic pieces in your food are the minerals you need to live, not to mention the fact that salt is a metal.The washing machineSome complain that it is a waste of water, but it is actually less of a waste than hand washing your clothes (unless you do a really bad job of washing them). Plus, if you dry your clothes on radiators then you are going to spend a lot more money drying them than you do if you have a higher speed spin function on your washer. The amount of time that the washing machine saves us is enough to live our lives twice.

The blender or food processorThey both chop up food in to a fine paste if needed and even though they are not commonly seen in every kitchen, they are actually very important. Humans are omnivores, but we have lost the ability to process vegetation efficiently. We get the most out of our food if we chew it well because once it reaches the stomach there is little it can do. It is why sweet corn may come out whole when you pass your food. A food processor acts like a highly efficient set of teeth and frees all the fiber and nutrients we could ever get from vegetables.

ConclusionFrankly, the modern kitchen has a lot of devices that make the world a better place. The three mentioned are just an example of three of the best, but even the fact that the common fridge saves the country billions of dollars in spoilage every year is simply astounding. The freezer in your house makes it so that you can buy food months in advance. There are many countries where even the notion of food in advance is alien to them, which just goes to show how lucky we are to have been born in the first world.