Development in spite

If it undergo more development in spite of the already increasing people and structures in the area, Hansen are the serenity and peacefulness of the area will be disrupted. There is also the possibility of this development to bring different kinds of pollution to the place. And considering the fact that Tall volcano is still considered as active, it might erupt anytime and can pose a threat not only to the locals, but to the tourists and establishments as well.

2. With the well-established roads that links Takeaway to Manila, the tourists won’t have a hard time getting from one point to another.

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They enjoy the cool climate, the panoramic view of Tall volcano and the Tall Lake. When oh enter Takeaway, there are many sign for boat rides to the lake, which is a popular attraction for the tourists these days. Another popular attraction is the Tall volcano Inch people can see when they go to Tall Lake. Several resorts and picnic grooves are established in the area that help the tourist relax and enjoy the view around the area.

Horseback riding is also available aside from sightseeing and going picnics.

There are also a number of retreat houses in the area because of the serenity of the place. 3. The local government must sustain the development too minimum with aspect on maintaining and preserving the natural resources of the city. They should consider the negative impacts that will be brought by the potential investors who Ant to put up their business to the safety and cleanliness of the city. Development of a certain place means more tourists, and attracting more tourists is not always DOD.

One should consider the maximum carrying capacity of the place. Once it surpasses the maximum capacity, it will tremendously affect the flora and fauna in the area . Yes, I think it should undergo further development because it is already considered one of the wonders of the world. The local and national government should expect more tourist arrivals, both local and international to visit the area. As of now, there are sufficient facilities in the area to accommodate a small number of people.

In a way, it is good because they can limit the number of people going in and can monitor the effect on the animals inhabiting the area.

But since Puerco Princess is gaining popularity throughout the world, the place should be more developed to e able to accommodate more tourists, but with very minimal effect to the flora and arena around the area as much as possible to avoid damaging their natural habit and bringing pollution to the area. 2. Yes, economically-wise it is good for the place.

There will be more Job opportunities for the locals and can improve their standard of living. Aside from SST.

Paul Subterranean National parks famous underground river, there are lots of amazing natural formations that the tourists must see. According to the article, the park is an unusual mix of limestone karts formations, lowland and coastal forests, white-sand beaches, steep cliffs and large caves. They can do a lot of activities with all the said natural resources like caving, swimming, or even scuba- diving, and hiking. 3.

To protect and preserve the wildlife in the area, the government and EDEN must continuously monitor the flow of tourists going in the area to avoid overcrowding so that it will now bring any harm to the place. They should also consider some alternative source of light in going inside the underground river to ensure the safety and not disturb the animals living inside the cave.

The popularity of Dons as a major destination for whale shark needs to be handled with care to ensure the sustainability of the whale shark interaction activities.

The increase in tourists wishing to experience a close encounter with the Inhale sharks brings a high risk and potential danger to these species. Also, they should conduct a program for the locals on how to handle and effectively operate tourism businesses without necessarily compromising the quality of service. 2. There are some studies undertaken by the World Wildlife Fund in order to protect the hale sharks and at the same time help in the customers operation in Dons.

Their objective is ensure that the ecosystem in the area are sustained to provide sustainable economic opportunities to the fishing communities in the area, Community customers program is effectively managed and appropriate measures undertaken to minimize, if not eradicate negative impacts to habitats and species to sustain economic benefits of local communities.

Coastal resources and fisheries management program assessed and supported to compliment conservation and management of whale sharks in the area.