Development of Leadership Skills in Nursing Organizations

Nursing as a field of specialization possesses numerous sub- professions from which an individual may decide to choose.

In all these sub- parts, different expertise is required to accomplish the duties at hand. I attended a prearranged meeting of a certain nursing professional group. This included the American Psychiatric Nurses Association. I chose this particular organization because it deals with individuals with mental disorders. Basing my argument on the sensitivity of these kinds of illnesses, I thought this kind of organization required a well-informed set of persons. Thus, I decided to carry out my investigation from this particular organization of nurses.

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During a short discussion with one of the members in the organization, I found out some of the basic missions, goals and focus of the organization. The organization aims at providing the best treatment for the numerous psychiatric illnesses that get presented to them by their clients. Secondly, it works on identifying new psychiatric conditions and their causes. The organization does this by offering further educative programs to the nurses. Moreover, the organization aims at providing cheaper and more accommodative services to its clients.

In addition to that, it works on improving its services and ensuring that all patients get attended to in the best way possible. Finally, it hopes to employ more professionals to deal with the rising cases of psychiatric disorders. In this organization, membership gets carried out in a specific manner. All members need to possess the rightful credentials in order to gain membership into the American Psychiatric Nurses Association. This occurs since all nurses present in this organization need to occur professional due to the sensitive tasks that present themselves in the course of duty.

The members undertake a process of interviews to verify their legibility to work in the organization. The best candidates earn chances in the organization at different levels of management. Thetraits and characteristics of the leaders and their followers occurred immensely impressive. The level of organization that the members depicted occurred largely splendid. This showed that the management worked hard to maintain the integrity and participation of its members.

Their levels of expertise appeared from how each member carried himself or herself in the event. Each member possessed a particular code of conduct based on the level of management in which he or she worked. All members in this organization possessed different responsibilities according to the level of management in which they existed. For instance, starting with the lowest level of administration, the secretary, he possessed the role of storing all the organization’s information. All the appointments directed to the president and vice president got presented by the secretary.

In addition, the secretary ensured that all the meetings and appointments were occurred in good time and all the information recorded and stored online.The treasurer kept all financial records of the organization. Any form of transaction in the organization took place under the instruction of the treasury. In case of a financial mishap within the organization, the treasurer possesses the duty of rectifying it or presenting it to the other members for necessary rectifications. The vice president worked hand in hand with the president to ensure that activities of the organization get reported to their offices on a daily basis by the secretary. In addition, they liaised with the government in order to ensure growth of the organization.

They also carried out interviews for the recruitment of other members of the organization (Marquis, 2009). The members of this professional organization get selected after subsequent interviews. The best performing interviewees earn chances in the organization. However, this occurs with an exception of the president and vice president who get elected by a group of members in the organizationn. The leadership role I would gladly embrace includes the vice president.

This is because this particular post possesses immensely unique roles. In particular, the vice president possesses the fundamental roles of interviewing new members and maintaining integrity of all members in the organization. One of the main merits of being a member of this organization includes the fact that all members get entitled to loans that offer low interest rates. Moreover, the management offers part time programs for members who would like to further their studies. Each member of the organization also gets health insurance as long as he or she works in the organization. These, among others include the benefits that the members achieve as members of this organization (Rowland, 1997).

Ninety nine percent of all the members in the organization are certified. This provides surety for the management that all activities run in the required way. I would consider joining the organization for various reasons. First, it offers lucrative benefits to its members. These include loans with low interest rates.

In this manner, the members possess large opportunities of raising their living standards. Moreover, the members get insured as long as they serve the organization. These offers not only benefit the members but also the organization at large. This occurs since the members work harder thus, improving the services provided to clients. Eventually, the organization earns more customers. To that effect, I would participate as an active member of the organization (Yoder- Wise, 2011).

In conclusion, the American Psychiatric Nurses Association appears as a lucrative organization for nurses. This occurs since it possesses standardized methods of operation as well as benefits to its members. In addition, it only works with certified members who tend to provide high-class services to clients. Thus, it is a perfect choice for a psychiatric nurse who needs to enroll in an organization (Roussel, 2006).