Diabetic Watch

Dear Sharks: Diabetes. What do you think of when you hear the word diabetes? Every time people hear diabetes, people think diabetics’ lives are difficult. While this is mainly true, we can offer a solution.

It involves a stylish accessory. Our idea is a diabetic watch. This watch tells the user their blood sugar levels and injects insulin (or the user’s proper medication) into their bloodstream when blood sugar levels get too high. Nowadays, many more Americans are being diagnosed with diabetes. A diabetic’s is full of checking their blood sugar, injecting their medications, and keeping their diet in check. We can proudly say that we have combined two of the necessities and have put them into an easy-to-use watch.

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This invention will help diabetics all over the U.S., and with your help, the world. Our invention will help diabetics because it will be convenient, easy-to-use, and automatic. Here in the United States, there are almost a total of 29.1 million people who struggle with diabetes.

This is way TOO many people. Of these 29.1 million people is my partner’s grandmother. We have witnessed the daily struggle of a diabetic. My partner’s grandmother can’t keep up with her diabetes. She either forgets or simply cannot check her blood sugar and/or insulin levels.

She inspired us to invent this diabetic watch. A major argument about our watch is that it can malfunction on the user. Our watch is unlike any other machine/ invention because it will be equipped with an alarm that detects when a technical difficulty may occur. The user will then get it repaired or get it check out. There are other diabetic watches out there. But our’s has an unique twist to it.

It has built-in microscopic needles which can be fill with any desirable medication that the user needs. The watch detects when blood sugar levels get too high and inject the medication through its painless needles. This watch is also waterproof, sand proof, and can handle almost anything else that life throws at it. And with your help, Sharks, we can improve our watch even more. All in all, our invention can save lives.

We are asking for 20% equity in exchange for $500,000. With our lucrative invention we can not only change lives, but same them. Now Sharks help us. We can change the world for the better. Sincerely, Ashley