Discussion on Atomic Bomb

Air superiority was the main trigger for the Allied victory in World War II and led to the use of the Atomic Bomb to end the war. During this period of the World War II each and every side tried hard to be ahead in technology so as to be able to win the war; a number of nations ventured into the secrets of using and manufacturing atomic energy. The United States was the first nation to develop the atomic bomb which was the ultimate weapon. The dropping of the atomic bombs over the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a significant turning point in the human history on the 6th and 9th of August, 1945 and was a symbol to show industrial revolution. The criticism of the decision to use the atomic bomb was that the main target was not Japan but the Soviet Union.

It was supposed that Harry Truman having experience in the American Expeditionary Force where he served in the First World War as an artillery officer led to his decision to use the atomic bomb. He understood all the fers of the young combat officers who were dreaming of their future lives however, showed that his decision to drop the bomb was aimed to saving the lives of the Americans and considering political factors which prevailed over the military .President Truman showed a human rationale in the events which led to the August, 1945 by his decision to dropping the atomic bomb which he stated clearly in his diary explaining that he wanted to drop the bomb on a military target. He further declared that he was going to take action and drop the bomb unless Japan surrendered and he could not bring himself into causing harm to children and women. The main alternative which could have been used in the place of the atomic bomb was the massive invasion of the Japanese home island.

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The consequence of this alternative method was that it was much costly since it was going to cost a lot of U.S soldiers’ lives and the war would have been prolonged. The other alternative was that the U.S. should have given more timee to the countries to be able to make negotiations and make peace. This method would have taken a long time since the countries were not willing to surrender and each of them was willing to fight till the end which would lead to a massive loss of U.

S. soldiers’ lives and thus threaten the next generation since these soldiers were young and were aspiring to have families in the future.In my own point of view, I totally agree with President Truman’s decision to use the “ultimate” weapon. The U. S. did not target at ordinary civilians and Hiroshima and Nagasaki were actually military targets where all the military factories were located which showed that the bombing of these two cities was the best option.

Using the atomic bomb in Japan was the only best way to bring the world war to an end since Japan had vowed to fight till the last man which prompted the use of the bomb. The use of the bomb helped saving thousands of U.S. lives in the war and it led to the surrender of Japan.