Do What You Love or Love What You Do?

Probably the most common problem among we teens these days is- who should we listen to? our parents or our heart? Parents wish for our safe future, successful life and our heart wishes for our happy life, sustainable job. This dillema is no less than a choice between burger with extra cheese and a sizzling brownie. Well, I, myself being a teen and a JEE aspirant (for my parents), am totally against the notion of ‘love what you do’ because love for something shouldn’t be forceful, be it a person or career. Rather than loving what we do, we should go for doing what we love, so that we remain happy and satisfied for the next forty(at least) years of our life.

If I pursue a career I am interested in, I can put my hundred percent to achieve success because it is something of my choice and I can definitely do it 24?7 and in the end, if I fail, at least I won’t be saying – “I wish, I had gone for it(something I used to love)”. So basically my point is, go for what you want to, provided, it should not hurt anyone, it should not make your parents feel guilty about you, it should not make you an unwanted person to anybody. Parents’ dreams are important, but many of the times,while fulfilling parents’ dreams, one sacrifices his own dreams and then he imposes them on his children and the flow goes on. Our parents are happy to see us successful . Then why can’t we give them happiness by being successful and happy at the same time?

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