Dollar General Case Study

The old system also lacked the provisions of web-based functionalities and tools. Furthermore, the major suppliers for Dollar general had switched from a mainframe- based Infrastructure to Electronic data Interchange structures.

This allowed for them to exchange data via any electronic means. 1. Each state has different tax rates. The old system that was In place could not change Dollar Generals tax rate In different states once they started expanding the business.

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The old integrated functional system could not be adjusted to accommodate this change to recognize the preferences between those individual’s state taxes.

2. Due to the old system being a mainframe it could not link to work within the system to automate Dollar Generals continuous growth. For example, the increase of purchase orders. In terms of the old system basic things like purchasing, invoicing, and receiving needed to have input values from the employee for validation. This left room for employee errors. 2.

The new system cost several million dollars.

Why, In your opinion, was It necessary to Install It? I believe It was Imperative for Dollar General to pay several million Lars to Install a new system. The new system Is now scalable, which Is crucial to the company as they continue to grow. Although It cost several million up front, installing a new system will allow Dollar General to save money in the future. The main reason is that the new software will save the company by reducing many manual operations. There are also great advantages that come with using web-based applications for the company.

The biggest benefit is that no additional software is required to access the system on any personal computer. This allows for Dollar General to stay on par in the competitive environment. The impact brought on by web based accessed is an employee can access and operate the system all across the world. It also allows consumers limited access to the system to pull up something like their old Invoices. 3. Lawson Software Smart Notification Software (Lawson.

Com) Is being considered by Dollar General.

Find Information about the software and write an opinion for adoption or rejection. Smart Notification Software monitors data, filters out noise and leavers Important International to users (“Intro Lawson,” n. A. ).

Lagoon’s steward would simplify the process of reporting, analysis and information dissemination amongst Dollar General Employees. The intriguing aspect for Lagoon’s Smart Notifications is that these notifications can be received in a variety of ways to include voice, text messages, voice, and also via wireless devices.

This software automatically administers actionable information and awareness to the correct people at an accurate time, empowering them to execute immediately and skillfully. Smart Notification enhances an employee’s capabilities and increases their organizational reference by proactively becoming an instant manager product creating easy-to- understand information for decision-makers at all levels of Dollar Generals organization. A major strength of Smart Notification is that it lets users define what information they want and how they want it delivered Jovanovich, 2003).

I believe that Lagoon’s Smart Notification can be beneficial for Dollar General.

Separating meaningful information can be critical for a company of this size, which deals with large amounts of information on a daily basis. By creating a system that deliver the roper information to the correct employee at the right time can not only reduce the amount of resources I. E. Time and money, but it can also drive the profit of Dollar General by creating a basis of loyal customers through efficient and reliable employees. 4.

Another new product of Lawson is Services Automation.

Would you recommend it to Dollar General? Why or why not? In business various internally focused components of a company such as the information technology department; aim to meet the increasing demand for their business even while they compete with a restricted amount of human and financial resources. Furthermore, the IT department expectations increase as it is anticipated for them to play a more vital and strategic function in the organization by instantly contributing to the organizations’ financial performance and by helping to create a competitive advantage.

I would make a recommendation because Lawson Services Automation helps organizations in overcoming their obstructions, acknowledging difficult questions, and exceeding the objectives they’ve established for themselves (Lawson. Com). Lagoon’s Services Automation can be extremely beneficial for Dollar General’s IT department because he department operates the function and flow of exceeding amounts of information that is required for a company to continue to grow.

Services Automation is designed to help manage resources, time and costs to include corporate finance.

The services would allow for a smoother working environment within the organization. The main components of the Services Automation consist three parts: Opportunity management, Project Management and Resource management to assist in the management of the organization (Ferguson, 2002). Automation will help in providing information for decision-making in the workplace to include categories like capacity estimates as well as analyzing investment strategies and opportunities.