dream eassy

Think about drawing a line and that line is your future so to be able to move that line you have to move it yourself by moving it you need to grow and make your path to your own future you want to want a future you have to dream about what you want but it’s not that easy it takes time and effort not just effort or time, responsibilities.

Everyday i dream about what i want and who i want to be but my dreams are simple i want to have money and be wealthy and have a family of my own to have a fun job that pays a lot so in the future i don’t have to worry about money being a problem so i can do anything that i want. Before my dreams come true i need to focus on making my dream come true i need to pass high school and get good grades then go to college but i need to research on what i want to do in my future but it won’t be that easy there will be many challenges and blocks to get where i want in life. I need help on what i need to do for high school and what colleges i need to go to i need to graduate, i need money to go to college. I can get that help from anywhere i just need to find it. I can ask from help from my counselor,parents,websites,scholarships, just any information can help.

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You can even travel the world and find things. The world itself is a big ball of information.I will get to what i dream of i just need to do what i got to do i need to pass all of my classes and tests i need to graduate and keep on pushing through the things that try to bring me down. I know i will get there if i try and keep pushing to. anyone can do the same just got to motivate yourself and be motivated.IF YOU CAN DREAM IT YOU CAN DO IT.