I dream that someday i’ll be in the navy or become a doctor. I want to go to the navy because when i was in 10th grade i was in the JROTC program and i loved it.

I want to become a doctor also because i want to find inner peace and i like helping people in need. The navy would be a good place for me because i need the discipline. Growing up i wasn’t a bad kid but i had a bad attitude so i thought maybe when im 19 i can take my test for the navy. If i do decide to go to the navy instead of becoming a doctor the navy would help me finish school they would help me get my first apartment and they would pay me 4000 dollars when i leave the navy also they would make sure i have a good job for the state. But if all hell breaks threw and i end up being a doctor i can help my mom and dad get out the hood and help them get a house. I’ve always wanted to be an OBGYN i hear they pay good money but the process of becoming one is hella long.

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You need 12 years of school to become a doctor.