I believe that you should not use your cell phone while driving because OVER 6,000 people have died from using cell phones while driving in the past four years.

And it’s illegal in over five countries. And for a good reason. One reason people shouldn’t use their cell phones while driving is that it endangers your life and the people around you. If you get in a car crash, your, either hitting ANOTHER car or your, hitting some kind of obstacle. For example, When I was a little boy, somebody hit my moms car while they were using a cell phone, and we had to go to the hospital, and I wonder how the other person felt about sending a kid to the hospital (not good). Each year over 21% of car crashes are caused by phones.

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My second reason that you shouldn’t use a cell phone while driving is that you can be financially harmed as well is physically harmed. Every time you get in an accident you are either sued by the city OR by the person you hit. You could also go to jail OR get your license suspended! And that means that you wont be able to drive at all. Also, if you are the one driving and you get in a wreck, and somebody dies, then YOU will be charged with involuntary manslaughter. Either way somebody is going to get hurt.

I believe that if everybody does this, then there will be less deaths and there will be less hardship among America’s population. Also, if the American people do this, then there will be more tax payers for the government, and at the rate that people die from using their cell phones I think they should outlaw it. In conclusion, people should not use cell phones while driving because you (and others) can get hurt, like I was. and you could end up having to pay serious money. SO DON’T DO IT!