Drone Missiles in Warfare

Technology has advanced a lot in the past decade. With these advancements our U.S military has been able to improve our weapons and devices a major amount. We have nuclear weapons, weapons that can see through peoples houses, weapons that can shoot anywhere in the world. You name it they have it.

Drone missiles are a big factor in these advancements, they kill many people at war and there are many effects on us here. These missiles are very high tech and very effective. The missiles can target in on satellites, vehicles and any ground locations. These projectiles are very precise and have a range of up to 6,000 miles (Lasker). You are able to control these missiles from a military base or from flying aircrafts. In the year 2010 there have been more than 100 attacks with these missiles (Lasker).

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These missiles have been used in primarily in the war in Afghanistan (Lasker). Out of all the attacks in 2010 about 97% of the strikes have been hit in North Waziristan (BBC). These missiles are used for us and also can be used against us. Other countries obtain these warheads and they can also use them against us. We are not the only country with these deadly weapons.

Many other nations have possession of these weapons (BBC). Luckily for the U.S they have agreements with other nations to not fire upon each other. The U.S has the most warheads but some other nations definitely have them too. Many individuals have died from these missile attacks.

On December 6, 2010 five militants were killed by an attack in Pakistan (BBC). These missiles are very deadly; many friendly and enemy soldiers have died from them. These have blown up cars with people in them, destroyed satellites, killed many people and they aren’t going to stop anytime soon. “These are one of our best weapons” said Lasker “we will not stop using them until this war is over.” The missiles are very lethal but they are very much needed in this war. This war alone has great effects on us here in the U.

S but the missiles have an effect on us too. Knowing that any terrorist nation can fire upon us with those missiles is frightening. Citizens in Pakistan get killed very frequently in missile attacks (Lasker). All though they have killed many people including citizens and American soldiers we still are using them. They are very effective, they kill many people at a single time and they are used very often (BBC).

Missile attacks are a very big part of war and they are very effective. We need to worry about these missile attacks because not only do we have them, but foreign terrorist countries do also (Lasker). They have the potential to fire upon any country they want to at any time. We have treaties with most of these foreign nations to not fire upon one another. These treaties have helped us gain foreign relationships and awareness of other forces which might act against us. These missiles are to protect us against any nation who wishes to attack the US (BBC).

With much advancement in our military technology our nation can be safe, by detecting any threats from other forces. We have the weapons to protect against other military actions that may cause harm to us. Trying to be one step ahead in any situation that is why the drone missile is a weapon which our military can depend on (Lasker). Anything can shoot off these missiles. An airplane, a cargo ship or any government ship, a military base or a government vehicle can shoot or control these weapons. This makes it simpler to control where the missiles are launched, by targeting specifically with military weapons.

Drone missiles are a major advancement in technology that we use for the war, but are also used against us. It has helped our nation to protect other forces that act against our military. With machines that can do many different things, we have improved over the past decade which gives us an advantage above other nations.