Easy Read or Easy Guide to Disobey

Junie B. Jones is a children’s book series written by Barbara Park. This book is an easy read for children but is disputed among parents and teachers every year. It has been challenged due to Junie B.

‘s bad behavior, bad spelling and grammar, and her bad choices. This series has been ranked number 71 amongst the top 100 banned/challenged books from 2000-2009. Depending on the person, this book can either be seen as a plaque or a present. Some adult see this series as an opportunity to teach their child or student what not to do while others see it as a bunch of ideas of what to do that is going to rub of on the kid. In the house of Lewis and Susan Bartell in Old Westbury N.Y.

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this book has been banned due to its bad grammatical mistakes. “‘My dad doesn’t like the grammar,’ said the Bartells’s youngest, Mollie, 9. ‘And I guess that’s important, because maybe when you grow up and you’re at work and you say, ‘I runned,’ people will get annoyed at you.'” (Grossman, Anna Jane) With every new year there is a dispute about whether this book should be allowed in libraries nation-wide. Even though these books contain a large number of spelling and grammatical errors, it makes sense because its a young child as the narrator.

Junie B. Jones is convinced that the green cucumber-like vegetable is called ‘Sue Keeny’ when in reality it is zucchini. Even with all of the errors it is an enjoyable, humorous book for children to read. Throughout the book she also has some spelling errors but if there was perfect grammar and spelling then it would not sound like the character Barbara Park is trying to create. Junie B. Is always getting herself into trouble.

She make impulsive decisions like playing with scissors and head-butting other kids. With that said, that does not mean that it is setting a bad example for children everywhere. Being able to teach your child right from wrong is a difficult challenge but with Junie B. As an example of what not to do it can help put things into perspective for the little ones. At the end of each book it ends with a valuable lesson learned and a distinction of what is right and wrong.

Some adults still just do not like the idea of introducing it to a child in he first place. No matter how many times people cross-country challenge these books there are more wanting to read them. They have their flaws but embrace them and turn them into something others can learn from. The books Junie B. Jones are challenged across America with adults becoming angry when their child comes home and reads books that are using words like ‘stupid’ and ‘dumb’. These books give humor to kids and their parents reading them and are a nation-wide known series.