Customer of eBay: Case Study

What are the greatest opportunities and threats existing in Ebay‘s current external environment? -The greatest opportunity in eBay is the quick development of online sales, most people find It hassle-free to shop online and because of that they tend to shop online and one of It Is eBay. While the threat Is the low entry barrier for aggressive competition, the competitors will make promos that will lure the customer of eBay to buy to them and It will lessen the customers of eBay and it will be a great threat to them.

What are the company’s greatest strengths and weaknesses? -The company’s strengths is their core competencies, they don’t just focus on selling online, but they make their site like an online mall.

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Also eBay’s strength is their POI or Voice Over Internet Protocol, it is a computer telephone communication. And eBay’s weakness is that they are not following the fast pace of technology and they are not innovative and because of this they are left behind of other companies who follow the new trends in technology.

Does eBay’s stated purpose provide adequate direction for making the Important decisions which the company presently faces? – No, because eBay needs to change their business process because technology today change rapidly and they need to keep up on the pace of technology, If not It may lead them behind other companies. But If they change It, they maybe once again the number one e-commerce business In the world. How should eBay handle the following Issues: In what ways can the company differentiate itself from the competitive pack of online archetypal giants and expanding retail brands? The company differentiate itself from the competitive pack of online marketplace giants and expanding retail by acquiring Crag’s list for undisclosed amount, they differ to others because they acquire small to large companies. And they have many alliance and partnership to other companies and because of this they have many products to be sold.

How can an effective corporate strategy help the company achieve Its objectives? -To achieve he objectives of eBay they must try acquire e-commerce companies to expand their company.

Also, they must try to have alliance to other companies so that they can lessen competition and at the same time to be strong In their field of business. What role does international expansion play in meeting eBay’s goals? – I en role AT International expansion play In meeting eBay’s goals Is to make teen De one of the top e-commerce business in the world because being internationally competitive means that you are one of the leading business in your industry.