Education and Student Teaching Practicum

REFERENCES: a) List two faculty members whom you feel know you well enough to serve as a reference if necessary:* Name: ____________________________________ Campus Phone No. : 673-_____ Name: ____________________________________ Campus Phone No. : 673-_____ * Do not ask the faculty to write you a reference letter.

If the Awards Committee needs a reference, they will directly contact the faculty you have listed. Criteria |How I Meet Criteria [italics below give hints] | |Be an Education major except |I am enrolled in the _________ Program. | |those in the School of Music | | |Be enrolled in Childhood or |I am enrolled in the _________ Program. |Childhood Inclusive | | |Be in or entering sophomore, junior or senior year in|In the coming Fall 201_, I will have completed ____ credit hours and be enrolled| |upcoming Fall semester |fulltime as a __ [soph/jr/sr? ]_____ | |Have completed or be completing |I am completing my student teaching practicum this semester, Spring 20__.

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OR | |Student Teaching |I completed my student teaching practicum last semester, Fall 20__ | |Have shown outstanding ability |Describe the qualities that you think you possess that indicate outstanding | |in Student Teaching |teaching ability, such as consistent positive interaction with students, etc.

| |Also describe a specific lesson or event that you think supports your claim to be| | |outstanding, such as having all students remain on task to complete a class | | |activity. [about 100-200 words] | |Plan to teach ithin the K-8 |After completion of my education degree, I plan to be certified in New York State| |grade range |to teach __ in grades __, and I plan to search for a teaching position within the| | |K-8 grade range. | |Have a desire to work with exceptional children |Describe the type of exceptional child you would like to work with, and explain | |(special needs or gifted) |why. about 75-150 words] | |Demonstrate financial need |Explain enough of your financial situation to show how this scholarship money | | |would help you continue in your university education. Note: you are not required | | |to share intensely personal information or financial details.

Common responses | | |have included supporting self through college and needing to work part-time to do| | |so, being a single parent, having your parents contribute financially but parents| | |having multiple children in university or parent being unemployed. Do not just | | |write “yes. [about 100-200 words] | |Be from a middle or low-income |My family is in the low-income bracket. OR I am self-supporting and do not | |family or be self-supporting |receive financial support from my parents. | |Be passionate about teaching |Describe what being passionate about teaching means to you, such as commitment, | | |dedication, caring about students, etc.

Then describe a specific example that you| | |think provides evidence of your claim to be a passionate teacher, such as | | |spending extra time with an underachieving student so he or she could be | | |successful, or spending extra time studying education course work so you could | | build your professional knowledge.

[about 100-200 words] | |Show promise of being a successful elementary school |Describe what being a successful elementary (childhood) teacher means to you, | |teacher |such as positive relationships with students, positive relationships with | | |colleagues, winning awards or recognition, etc.

Then explain how you see yourself| | |as having the potential to be that successful teacher, and describe a specific | | |example that you think provides evidence of your claim to show promise as a | | |teacher. | |[about 100-200 words] | |Be a “deserving student” |A deserving students is one who can demonstrate outstanding attitude, | | |performance, or professionalism.

Explain how you see yourself as being a teacher | | |candidate who deserves recognition by receiving a scholarship, and describe a | | |specific example that you think provides evidence of your claim to be a deserving| | |student. about 100-200 words] | |Demonstrate an appreciation for |Explain how you see reading and writing as important skills for students to learn| |the importance of teaching |and teachers to teach.

Then describe a specific example that you think provides | |reading and writing |evidence of how you value and appreciate the importance teaching reading and | | |writing, such as helping other students improve their skills or you yourself | | |going to the Campus Tutoring Center for extra help with writing.

[about | | |100-200 words] |