Education Is for Life, Not Only for Employment

Education is a very familiar term to all of us. To most of us, education is all about students going to school and staying in the enclosed premises of the school for around 6-7 hours. But, in a broader sense, education is not just about buying andlearning some bulky books. For me, education is a term that connects us to other people of the world. My definition for education:”Education is all about learning about our surroundings and trying to understand our part in it.

” There is a huge difference between employing people and educating people. When we educate a new generation, that new generation will strive to fulfill all their curiosities throughout their entire lives. They’ll accept, process, analyze and explore by using their own ways and styles. But, contrary to that, employment does not offer the freedom that education does. Employment is a term that partly clashes and partly agrees with the principles of education. What I am trying to imply is: there are clear distinctions between education and employment.

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Many of us hold the misconception that education is essential for employment. But it is not true. Employment can be available through education but education is not just for getting employment. The values that we learn throughout our lives are part of education itself. Since education is a lifelong process, it teaches us the valuable lessons to follow in our lives.

Education enables us to be rational thinkers with creative minds. It prepares us for every stage of our lives. Through education, we acquire a lot of wisdom andgain enough confidence to challenge the world. Education is the secret of curiosity. The more we delve into the limitless boundaries of education, the more curious we’ll become. Moreover, education teaches us to use our curiosity at the right place at the right time.

So, if we wonder, marvel, think and imagine then that is the real influence of education. It is one universal truth that education creates awareness among people. Education is one factor that guides us to distinguish between what is virtuous and what is not. It makes us a more practical person. When we are educated, we are not blinded by superstitions of our society. Many of us have heard the quote “Thinkglobally, act locally”.

Although this quote is mostly applicable in matters related to climate change, one cannot deny that it can also be used in the context of education. Education encourages usthink internationally and not just nationally. It broadens our horizon of thinking by making us realize thatthe world is much more bigger than that meets the eye. Educated people are not only concerned about the issues of their country but that of the world. It matters a lot to an educated person if a bomb is dropped in Syria or if Brexit takes place.

Education makes us realize that we are a part of the same global family whetherwe live in Mexico or India or any other place in the world. Thus, we finally come to the interesting conclusion that education is for our entire lives and not just for some nine-to-five jobs. Education prepares us in every way to face the world, be it being updated with the latest scientific knowledge or holding ourselves with a degree of pride as we walk down the streets of our neighborhood. Parents go through so much trouble to teach the value ofeducation to their children as they know that life is not all about money. A good education makes us truly civilized, both in our hearts and minds.