Education Is Important

According to, an average high school dropout will earn about $260,000 less than high school graduates and $800,000 less than college graduates will in their lifetime.

This is because of education and how far it can get you in life and your career. Many students ask themselves why they are at school and think school is not really needed to succeed. The graduation rate moved from 72 percent to 75 percent from 2009 to 2010. This means that 25% of students are dropping out of high school during that year. I think that education has helped me a lot throughout the years and what I’ve learned in high school will benefit me in college.

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Education is important for a student, and dropping out could have some bad consequences. Education started since the start of civilization and is still very important in every one’s life today. Education helps people gain knowledge and understand what is happening around us. It helps people make the right decisions and have some logical sense. “Education provides the ladder for achieving success in life and enables us to use skills in a constructive way says

Education brings good qualities and makes a person a more responsible and active in society. An education brings a better future for people in life and gives them the necessary skills needed to achieve their goals they are trying to do. It also brings awareness to society and gives you a more broad way of thinking. Also it gives you a way bigger chance of being successful in life. Education is a start of a good successful life.

According to ( in 5 adults in the world cant read or write. That is about 862 million people. This is because of the lack of education there is around developing countries. Many people drop out of high school or college because of them needing to work to support their families. That leads in with poverty.

Also racism is another issue. This is one of the leading causes of dropping out around the world. Public education in the United States is free, but in other developing countries, people must pay for schooling, which some cant even afford. The result of not having a proper education is not having a job and it leads your family into a cycle of poverty. Money could be another issue with an education. In addition, you have a better chance of getting a job versus a person that does not have an education or diploma.

This is because education is a key thing in life and most jobs require it. Without an education, more hardships will likely come. An education proves a more successful outcome on life and your future job or career. A better education you have, the more money you make is the general idea. So you can infer that education is the leading important factor to success in life. Education in both high school and college will help you gain new skills and knowledge and it’s not worth dropping out from.

It is like a basic need we need in life. It gives you good life experiences and makes you ready for your future. We should all be thinking of education as a privilege instead of a task that is a burden to do. Even though problems are faced everyday, think about the results of getting through high school and college. Setting goals can help you toward that success.

Imagine being successful in the future with a great job, family, and home. That is mostly because of a result of a good education. With the right education, you can be what you want to be and try to set goals of what you’re doing and how your going to do it. You can achieve what your dreams in life are. Without this education, accomplishing this would be very hard and unlikely. Education is like a chore you have to finish.

In conclusion, never give up on your education and you will succeed in life, and what you want to be. Many people around the world cannot continue an education around the world because of having no money and racism. Therefore, studying hard in school and doing your best will help you. Think about education as a privilege and try your best. Education is important and not having one could be a big challenge in life.

With the proper steps of education, you could have a rich successful life.