Education system in UK – Cause & Effect

IntroductionEducation in the UK is devolved with each of the smaller countries within the UK. This means there are governments in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland that deal with education their own way.

There are five stages of education in the UK, which include early years teaching, primary school, secondary school, Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE). In my cause and effect essay, I show the effect of school rules and rankings and graduation rates in the UK.CauseThe UK is traditionally one of the highest ranked countries when it comes to education, but over recent years, their ranking against the world has stagnated a little, especially when it comes to PISA tests (Program for International Student Assessment). EffectThe UK education system is still good and ranked highly, but it has caused more people to consider teaching their children at home. There are a growing number of parents that are teaching their children at home in the UK.

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The numbers are still small in comparison to the number of children that attend school. Part of the reason that there are more children being taught at home is because there are now free and easy-to-use tools on the Internet that parents can use to teach their child a little easier than before.CauseIt is compulsory for children to attend school from the age of four in Northern Ireland and five in the rest of the UK, and children are not allowed to leave school until the age of 16. The only way to avoid going to school is via home schooling, but a child must still complete a curriculum that is overseen by a tutor upon occasion.EffectIt has become more difficult for students to miss school, and many have to attend school no matter what.

However, thanks to the Internet, students are discovering that if they behave badly then they can be expelled. If they are not accepted into other schools, then their parents are forced to teach them from home.CauseThe University and college system in the UK is truly top class, with many of the Universities and colleges having notoriety and esteem around the world. Graduation rates within UK colleges and Universities are very high, and any student in the UK can find funding in order to attend University apart from in special circumstances.EffectThe UK stands in second place across Europe and in sixth place worldwide when higher education from Universities and colleges is counted in with the figures whilst ranking. There are so many students attending college and so many graduating that the UK world ranking and European ranking is very high.

If graduation rates from colleges and Universities were not counted, then the UK is no longer second place in Europe when it comes to education rankings. ConclusionThe UK education system is clearly very good and of a very high standard, though some of their high rankings on the world stage are backed up by their very strong college system and even stronger University system, with the college system giving A-level qualifications and Universities giving degrees.