Educational Leadership Case Study Example

Case Study on Educational Leadership:

Educational leadership is the complex of efforts taken to improve the quality of education and management of an educational institution. The necessity of the creation of a school leader appeared in the beginning of the 20th century which the development of science and human rights. The educational process had to be improved seriously and the position of an educational or school leader appeared. First of all the principle of a school was called a school leader, because it is natural that the principal managed the school, suggested school subjects and employed the appropriate teachers into the teaching staff.Unfortunately, it is not quite easy to manage a school for a single person.

In addition, a principle is not aware about the problems of the educational institution, the reforms and changes which have to be carried out.So, the term of educational leadership has broadened seriously and now it includes numerous school leaders which include active students, teachers and parents in the management of the educational process. Briefly, the principle takes decisions under the effect of the advice of the students, creative teachers and active parents who are often more aware about the real condition of the school, its problems and the weak sides of the educational process. In order to improve the condition of a school, teachers, parents and students are united into the special committees which discuss the problems of the school, the distribution of its finance and the curriculum. The educational leader is supposed to be the expert in administration and management, so the committees involve real professionals for the solution of the existing problems.Educational leadership is the interesting topic for the research, because very few people know about the problem of the school management and administration.

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The student is able to research the issue on educational leadership objectively relying on the facts of the direct case. The student should study the case of educational leadership attentively, evaluate the condition of the school, the role of the principal, students and parents in the management of the school and define the problems the school faces. One is supposed to learn about the cause and effect of the situation with has occurred in the case and to suggest the possible solution to the problem relying on the personal experience and professional skills.When students face troubles with case study writing, they have the opportunity to learn about the methods of writing reading a free educational leadership case study example prepared by the experienced writers. One can discover about the style of writing, the structure of the paper and its valid formatting just looking through a free educational leadership case study sample in the Internet.