Ms. Hobbs – Educator Of The Year

Have you ever felt like you were going to fail a math class? That you didn’t understand the material? Or that math was just not appealing? These complications are common with students. But Ms. Hobbs, a high school math teacher, has the elixir for these symptoms. It’s rare that you find a math teacher who is witty, energetic and makes every day outstanding. But Ms.

Hobbs does just that.Janelle Hobbs is an Arrowhead High School alumni who was a star at volleyball player. She graduated and continued her education and also her volleyball career in college. After receiving her degree in teaching, she returned to Arrowhead to become a math teacher. Since Ms. Hobbs went to Arrowhead, she already knew what to expect and what is expected of her as a teacher.

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This made me feel like I was guaranteed to learn something from her.After having her as a teacher for two semesters, it made me realize how fortunate I am to have had a teacher like her. Every morning, her room had a welcoming feeling since she would always say, “Good morning, Hunter!” It was refreshing, like a sip of Fiji water after a long day at work.Ms. Hobbs is good at addressing people by their name, making sure she never got it wrong.

As a teacher, she want to help her students to the best of her abilities and that’s exactly what she did.At the end of the class, when notes were done and homework was passed out, she would go around the room and answer questions t. If there was any confusion about assignments or how to do a problem, she would make sure to answer the question and be clear and helpful.Not only is is Mrs. Hobbs helpful and smart, but she’s also young, which helps her relate to her students.

She also assistant coaches volleyball, co-teaches, and helps out kids who need extra attention. It’s always nice having a teacher to spend time talking to on a personal level and have fun with.Mrs. Hobbs is an outstanding volleyball coach, tutor, and teacher, but she’s also a fantastic friend and without her I wouldn’t have been able to pass geometry. With her positive outlook on just about everything — especially math —life seemed easier. I’ll never forget her welcoming “Good morning, class!” every morning or her shouting the inspirational words of wisdom, “Yeah, math is awesome.

Let’s talk about math now!”No one has made a bigger impact on my academic life. She’ll always a place in my memory as one of the best — and friendliest —teachers I’ve ever had and I hope to have her my last semester here.