Master Sergeant Howie – Educator of the Year

I have to say when I walked into my Navel Science class for the first time, I thought there was going to be nonstop screaming and yelling.

My Navel Science teacher is a big intimidating person, and I pictured my classmates and I having to do pushups over the littlest things.As it turns out my Navel Science Instructor turned out to be a pretty cool guy, and that is why I picked him as my Educator of the Year.My favorite teacher’s name is Master Sergeant Howie, and there are so many reasons why I consider Master Sergeant Howie my favorite teacher.Master Sergeant Howie goes above and beyond the Navel Science curriculum to help us out and give us important life skills. One of my favorite things he does is to tell us his own personal life experience stories that we can learn from.I really like hearing life stories over something I read in a book.

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This gives me a different perspective on things, and I think I learn better that way.So many of his stories are funny, so anytime a teacher can make me laugh they are a favorite.He also incorporates lots of hand gestures and doesn’t use lots of visuals which I like because I am a verbal learner.Another way Master Sergeant Howie is my favorite is his use of force.Use of force includes hand to hand combat and self-defense.

I really have a good time when we practice these combat techniques.I really like learning all these techniques, and I so enjoy getting up and moving around in class.Learning all of this is very good in that it teaches you self-defense, and he is the only NSI who does this.One other way Master Sargent Howie is my favorite is he really projects his voice. I like when he does this; I can really hear and understand him.Other teachers sometimes speak too softly, making it hard for me to absorb what they are saying, but he speaks loudly and really gets his point across.

Master Sergeant also doesn’t shy away from telling the truth; he will tell it to you straight, so you know what is really going on in the world.The way Master Sergeant disciplines is very strict; he expects your full effort and nothing less.If you don’t give your full effort, he will make you drop and do pushups.Some may see this as bad, but I like it; it gives your body exercise.When you slack off or fool around in his class, this Is where he can really get serious.If you do this, he will make you do push-ups, you’ll get yelled at and get a detention and other extra things that many other instructors do not do.The work load he gives us is a lot.While this may be my least favorite thing about my favorite teacher, I know it is helping me to learn more for my future.He does give a lot more work than any other NSI, but this helps make my platoon and me stronger and more knowledgeable.He grades all the work in his class in a strict manner.He does not give any breaks to anyone just like in reality, I like this because it prepares me for the real world and tells me that I need to double check the things I do and the questions I answer before I hand them in.In conclusion, Master Sergeant Howie is my Educator of the Year.To cover all the points, he teaches me valuable lessons, on how to defend myself and teaches me that hard work is good, and it will take me far in life.He also teaches me that being loud with your voice and being heard by others is important; it gains you respect.He teaches me other things besides the NJROTC curriculum and does it on his own time.Master Sergeant Howie is my favorite educator so far in my academic career.Finally, I think that he deserves to be nominated for best Educator of the Year.