Short Essay on Educator Of The Year

There are many different type of educators in this world. There are some that we really don’t like, some that we like and some that you just wanna say “Thank goodness you taught me”. That is what I have today. My 8th grade science teacher was phenomenal. He was everything that i ever wanted in a teacher.

Funny, Nice, really energetic. His name is Mr. Lester and he works at A.L.Standback in Hillsborough NC.

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He is amazing. He taught me so much and when i left the class, i was realizing that i would miss him more than anything. He devotes his life to helping his students get all the science that they can. He really lets them see the potential that they can have in the science world. Before I was in his class I didn’t think that I would like it because i was not very big on science.

Then he started to teach and 1 week into it i was in love with science. Mr. Lester doesn’t realize how much of an impact that he had on my life. Along with being an amazing teacher, he also coaches track! So among the amazing things that he does in the classroom, he also taught me so much in track. He was the assistant coach but he was there cheering us on, he showed me how to better my running and how to do almost all of the events.

There are many teachers that i had in 8th grade year that truly helped me in my education but i think that Mr. Lester really stood out. He wasn’t one of those teachers that drone on, he had a bunch of experiments that we could do and he was never cross. We did a lot of hands on things in the classroom and on the last few days he let us choose what to do. At some point in the year we had to do a geological time scale and I wasn’t there a lot (band activities) and so i couldn’t help my partner with the project. I went up to Mr.

Lester and asked for a different project because i didn’t wanna take credit for what my friend did. He tole me to make a Phylogenetic tree. I was in 8th grade and i had no idea what taxonomy was. The main point of this story is that Mr Lester had faith in me and knew that i could do it. He explained things to me that i shouldn’t have known until i was in 9th grade. This year i have a teacher that isn’t at all like Mr.

Lester and i find it really hard to not continuously think, “I really wish i could go back to 8th grade and have Mr. Lester again”. Mr. Lester had a really big impact in my life and he is beyond compare. He is someone that you can’t not like.

Everyone loves him because he is someone to look up to. He even tutored one of my friends that wasn’t doing so well in science. She is now a sophomore. That really shows that he wants all of us to succeed. I really think that Mr.

Lester needs to be recognized because of all that he does for us and all that he is. He is just a great person that i was so lucky to meet and have as a teacher.