Efficient Communication of Business

The effective and efficient communication of business name will enhance its marketability; thereby, necessitating realization of strategic goals.

Cemex USA is also involved in sponsorship for the less fortunate individuals in the society. The company issues annual scholarship, through payment of student’s tuition and stipends. Such initiative has ensured that majority of the individuals, especially the potential clients, are aware of the company’s existence and its operations across the globe. In addition, the company has demonstrated its viability in conducting recreational activities and competition across the states.

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Communicating the business name entails participating in activities that enhance enlightenment of the society on the importance of using their building materials to in construction services. The activities are undertaken with substantial theme, like eradicating poverty through building using CEMEX USA products. Such social responsibility ensures that the business name is communicated to the society. Finally, the company has undertaken public campaigns and tours in order to communicate to the public on the importance of their products. The campaign is conducted annually and coincides with industrial events of the company. The aim is to communicate the name of the business to the society and educate them on the building materials and services of which the company is involved in.

The society can meet with the managerial team and, in the process; the management explais them the core aspects of the organization’s objectives.The success of the business communication has been achieved through cordial team-work spirit embodied by the staff. Although the organization sometimes faced stiff challenges when undertaking its mandate, the staff was able to handle the situations with ease. In other cases, the situation allowed a single staff to undertake chores, and due to the professional skills that they had, the management had no problem working independently. Ideally, the corporate social responsibility and communication in business requires management to plan their work in order to avoid confusion in the course of its initiative.

For instance, in the case of forums and workshops, the management is currently planning for the next occasion. A team of professional personnel has been selected to analyze the budget – financial and time framework – for the event. This will minimize the company’s incurring irrelevant costs when undertaking the event. Consequently, for CEMEX USA to realize its global goal, business communication should be vested in an international setting. However, the complexity of the scenario fosters the organization to incorporate strategies that will enhance its smooth operation.

Some of the challenges that the business entity can face include language barriers, business policy restrictions, and international business laws and regulations. Indeed, the communication barrier between the society and the managerial team is a very important issue. The companyy can use individuals who are familiar with language setting of a given country in order to communicate effectively to the diverse audiences. In some instances, the managerial team may resort to using local language in an attempt to inform the population in an effective way. However, the management should incline to its perspective without giving attention to the other individual’s perspective of the products and services. International community may have a different experience of the products and services other than the way Americans perceive the products.

In a practical case, one should not expect a 100 percent support from the clients concerning the company’s initiatives. Different people have a different perspective of products and services. Understanding the international value perspective of the products and services is vital.In conclusion, communication in business necessitates success of an organization. The organization has succeeded in the past decade due to its corporate social responsibility. Although it may be perceived as an initiative that only incurs costs to the organization, the reputation of the organization is vital.

The company needs to communicate its strategies to diverse cultural environment in an attempt to realize its strategic goals. Expansion to a new environment will only be realized when the company understands the perception and needs of the new target population. However, the company needs to plan for its initiatives in order to understand the complexity of business communication in an international setting.