Electronics in school

Dear, Teen Ink Editor I believe all students should use electronics in school because it can help us with studying and work. Most people in my school like to listen to music when we work but sometimes we aren’t allowed to. Some students are saying that electronics should be allowed at lunch to be able to relax and study or work on a essay. Students believe that we already have so many electronics so why can’t we use them at school so then the teachers can text us or email us the homework. Some students say that they don’t want to to go to a class that they have to write pages and pages of information because their pencil could break, pen could run out of ink or hand hurts but all that could stop if we had some tablets or ipads.

I think we should have more Kindles, Apples, and Windows. Windows for computers for homework, email or computer equipment to upgrade the computers or make them faster. Apple for ipad to take notes educational games or maybe some laptops for email researching or studying. Kindle can be used to read, study or take notes on. I believe using electronics in school can help us learn and get a better education.

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This may motivate more students to feel positive about school. I would feel happy about electronics in school and I think it can help evolve the school. It can also help the schools achievement levels go up. From, Sam