Elephantine Case Study

What concept or philosophy drove Elephantine management? Whiz-Bang management? Answer 4: Elephantine Management * Product Concept oriented. * Customer needs were not considered. They thought their product to be superior and thus would Sell Automatically) * Sales manager wasn’t involved into decision making while going forward with production. * They went for production without launching prototype to get customer feedback. * Sales team TLD make plan on monthly basis and went forward with sales for 6 months.

Whiz Bang Management * They found an attractive market.

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Understood customer’s needs want and desire. * Communicated effectively with customers regarding the product. * All management departments worked In sync with each other. * Better understood product usefulness translating it into a roaring success. * Provided customer satisfaction.

Question 5: Do you think Elephantine learnt any marketing lesson? What marketing lesson did you learn? What is the moral of the case?

Answer 5: * No, Elephantine didn’t learn any marketing lessons from this case because of the following reasons :- General manager and engineering manager not in sync with ales manager even after failure as they commiserated with one another about the sales manager without knowing his side of the story. As Whiz Bang was able to sell the product effectively they would have certainly developed a netter marketing Ana sales strategy wanly elephantine mêlées out on and hence instead of finding solutions after failure they sold it. The lesson that we learned from this case is that out of box thinking and marketing/sales strategy must go hand in hand. Also effective communication among management. These are essential part for functioning of any company. Moral: Effective marketing and coordination are necessary along with other aspects for any product to be a success.

Question 6: Is the Sales Manager competent enough in his current role not to get sacked from the firm? If so , Why? If not, Why not?

Answer 6: * No, the Sales Manager was not competent enough because : * The Sales Manager accepted the product offered for sale without doing an effective market research. * Sales Manager went all out on sales with 6 month plan instead of having it on monthly basis so as to pass the necessary customer feedback. * Sales manager wasn’t involved in decision making of product. Should have been proactive. * He came back without any substantial reason and solutions. Taking into consideration the above points one can say his sacking is Justified.

Question 7: Is there anybody else in Elephantine who deserves to be sacked.

Analyzed the market and explored the market’s needs before releasing the product. I Right product was targeted to the wrong market/customer. Premium product was released to the general market. I Right product was targeted to the right market/customer.

Premium product was released to the premium segment of the market and then released to the other segments of the market. I Lack of Internal Marketing. Production team and the marketing teams did not work in caisson. The marketing team had no clue about the product till the product was manufactured.

I Strong internal marketing.

Great understanding between the Production and the marketing team. Marketing team understands the technical aspects of the product and markets it accordingly. I No pilot sales I Conducted pilot sales before releasing the entire lot into the market. I Thus, Whiz Bang’s success can be put across in the following manner: Identified the potential of the product Consulted the Marketing Team aggressive marketing implemented Pilot sales Customer Feedback Roaring Success