Emergence of Global Universities

The quality and availability of education has immensely grown in the contemporary society. People can have access to education from the comfort of their homes, offices and other learning institutions. This is a global trend, and many institutions of higher learning have turned to online education so as to enlarge their scope and influence (Kearsley, 2005). It also made it possible for people with tight work schedules to access education This article is a marketing tool for this website.

The author of this article seems to be giving the advantages of using this site to search for study materials. This is an example of online lerning that has contributed to the emergence of global universities. In fact, this site is used by a lot of global students undertaking different courses in various universities. The writer of this article seems to be telling readers that this online library has contributed a lot to learning since it contains materials from different eras; from medieval times to the present times.The second article addresses the issue of online education growth.

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. The writer addresses the challenges of teaching and learning online, but he seems to suggest that online learning is very important; it has helped a lot of students and teachers. Availability and AccessThe availability of different commodities increases due to the access of these commodities; research done in the last ten years has proven this assertion. For instance, people who live near institutions of higher learning have ready access to these institutions (Kearsley, 2005). Therefore, people around these places are more educated than people who live far from these institutions.

These findings support my perspective that people who live near institutions should access them; the primary reason for building these places is to serve humanity, and these institutions should start by serving the surrounding community