Emily Dickinso: FACTS AND LIFE

FACTS AND LIFE:*Born on December 10th, 1830 in Amherst Massachusetts.Amherst was a rich community because of the college and her house was the mansion that often got used as a gathering place.Emily was a bright hardworking student, who was good at writing rhymes.Her father was loving but strict, which made Emily less fond of his teaching styles.Emily’s ancestors where calvinists which led her to be one, but her father wasn’t concerned with religion.

When she became agoraphobic, she felt excluded from the religion which is shown in some of her, writing as being shut out of heaven.Her beliefs weren’t reflected as religion they were more reflected as nature and happiness.In college she studied literature, but when she started to be sick, her father took her out, this being the start of her interest in writing.She loved music and singing and compared them to poetry.Benjamin Newton was the first person to share Emily’s talent with her, he was her brother’s friend who was a law student, familiar with some literature.By the time Emily was in her late twenty’s she was almost completely reclusive in her house.

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Emily died at age 55 from Bright’s disease, on may 15, 1886.After Emily died her sister was to burn her writing, but she found 1,700 of her poems and gave them to a friend to publish. It was in 1893 that her first poems were published.She loved children and would lower baked goods out her window to them as they past by.SOURCES:http://www.biographyonline.net/poets/emily_dickinson.htmlhttp://lighttouchtheater.blogspot.com/2008/01/bio-of-emily-dickinson.html********