Emma Stone Biography

“Confidence is the only key. I know a lot of people aren’t traditionally ‘beautiful’- bodied or perfect- skinned. But none of that matters because all that shines through is their confidence, humor, and comfort with themselves.

I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.” Emma Stone once said (“Biography for Emma Stone: Personal Quotes”). Emily (Emma) Jean Stone was born on November 6, 1988 (“Emma Stone Biography”). She was born in Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.

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and attended Xavier College Preparatory in Phoenix, Arizona (“Emma Stone Biography: People.com,” “Emma Stone (III)-Biography”). Although she is known as a red head, her natural hair color is blonde (“Emma Stone (III)-Biography”). Emma Stone is very successful and ambitious, and has achieved her dreams, she proves that it is possible to achieve your dreams all you have to do is work and try and if you don’t make it try again. When Emma was younger, she started acting and she convinced her parents to let her pursue her acting career.

At eleven years old Emma began performing in local theater productions. When Emma Stone was fifteen she had convinced her parents that she should move to California to pursue an acting career (“Emma Stone Biography”) . Emma convinced her parents by making a power point. The presentation was titled “Project Hollywood” (“Emma Stone (III)-Biography”). Ambition is a very good characteristic to have in a person and Emma shows this at a very young age. She shows how ambitious she is when she starts acting at eleven years old and convinces her parents to let her move to California and pursue her acting career at age fifteen.

Being ambitious is an important thing to be and people can learn from Emma and have a more successful life. You can’t achieve success without trying, and if you fall flat on your face when you try, you only get up and try again, and keep doing so until you are successful. With Emma’s mother they go to Los Angeles to continue Emma’s acting career, with hopes of success. With that being said she wasn’t very successful. “I went up for every single show on Disney channel and auditioned to play the daughter on every single sitcom.

I ended up getting none,” Emma Stone said to Seth Poppel; who did a biography on Emma for People.com’s Celebrity Central (“Emma Stone Biography: People.com”). Again Emma did not stop; next she auditioned for NBC’s Heroes. When being interviewed by Vanity Fair Magazine Emma says “I could hear that, in the other room, a girl had just gone in and they were saying, ‘you are our pick..

. on a scale of one to ten you’re an eleven. I went home and just had this meltdown” (“Is Emma Stone A Type A Or Type B Personality,” gossiboocrew.com. “Rock Bottom,” is what Emma recalls this event (“Is Emma Stone A Type A Or Type B Personality,” gossiboocrew.com).

Although Emma tried and fell flat on her face so many times, she did not stop there and she got up and tried again. Finally Emma got a little of the spot light when selected to appear on the VH1 reality show In Search of the Partridge Family [which is an update of the seventies singing family series] (“Emma Stone Biography: People.com”). Emma Automatically cast the role of daughter Laurie, although the show does not make it far, it gives Emma just what she needs to get her career rolling. After this Emma gets cast in several shows and movies such as the short lived T.

V. show Drive, Malcolm in the Middle, Super Bad, The Rocker, House Bunny, Zombie Land, Easy A, Friends With Benefits, Crazy, Stupid, Love, and The Help (“Emma Stone Biography: People.com”). Emma Stone has also been host to Saturday Night Live, one of her Biggest Dreams. That being said, Her Biggest Achievement would have to be Easy A, She Shined as she took on the role of Olive; a high school student who lies about losing her virginity. Proof of Emma Stones success if one Golden Globe award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, comedy or musical and the 2010 BAFTA Awards as a nominee for the Rising Star Awards (“Emma Stone Biography”).

This goes above and beyond in proving the fact that if you keep trying you will eventually succeed and people need to learn this because success is a very important part of life. Emma is more likely to have a more healthy and successful future because of these events. Because of these events Emma will end up being a very memorable person in the future. Every Celebrity has something that makes them memorable, a break out moment where they shine like a star, for Emma Stone this is when she gets cast the lead in Easy A (“Emma Stone Biography: People.com”). Emma Shines in this movie and brings her character, Olive, to life.

Olive is a High school teen who decides to lie about losing her virginity. (“Emma Stone Biography: People.com”) Easy A was a hit in the box office and will be remembered forever along with Emma stone as the character Olive. This is one of Emma Stones biggest achievements in life and everyone will remember it forever. Easy A was a very intense and hilarious movie and keeps people laughing at every second. At the center of this intense laughter is Emma Stone as Olive as the main character she will therefore be remembered forever as well.

If anything can be learned from Emma Stone’s life it is that it is possible to achieve your dreams and to keep trying no matter what, even when you fail try again, from this we can say that Emma is very successful and ambitious. Emma has overcome many obstacles and has a very successful life. Many things can be learned from Emma’s life. Mainly that you should try and if you fail, then keep trying. This is the key to success.

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