Employee Involvement in Decision Making Report

Employees’ involvement is one of the major issues in the field of management sciences; it becomes relatively more important when appears in organization development process.

While going for some interventions, success without the employees’ involvement seems to be impossible. This involvement of employees in decision making is popularly known as Participative Decision Making (PDM). We at Rahat textile Ltd believe that employee involvement is the key to continuous improvement, sound decision-making and developing an open and transparent organization.In our organisation each team member has an opportunity to share their perspectives, voice their ideas and tap their skills to improve team effectiveness. As each member can relate to the team decisions, there is a better chance of their achieving the results. There is a positive relationship between decision effectiveness and organizational performance.

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The better the effectiveness, the better the performance. After the PDM was introduced in our company, we have seen a wide array of organisational benefits.The employees are more satisfied with their jobs and as a result the staff turn-over has reduced significantly. The reduced staff turnover also shows that the employees commitment to the organisation has increased. The distance in the Labour-management relation has decreased as a result of having more frequent communication.

Due to the high Job satisfaction and organisational commitment, the employees work more efficiently; Since they themselves have a part in decision-making, it makes them more aware if their targets resulting in Excellent Job performance and more importantly organisational performance.We have also noticed that the frequency of absenteeism among employees is much lower than the previous years. All of the above benefits of PDM give a rise in the profits of the organisation as compared to previous years. To conclude, in our company since everyone participates in the decision-making process, organizational communication is much more effective and everyone produces more efficient results. By sharing decision-making with other employees, participants have been able to eventually achieve organization objectives that influence them.