Employer Plan

Roshanna Lewis Week 2 Ethrics Q2: An office worker had a record of frequent absence. He used all his vacation and sick leave days and frequently requested additional leave without pay. His supervisor and co-workers expressed great frustration because his absenteeism caused bottlenecks in paperwork, created low morale in the office, and required others to do his work in addition to their own. On the other hand, he felt he was entitled to take his earned time and additional time off without pay. Was he right?A) It was somewhat right, for instance when it come towards is time off he earn those time which he could take whenever he wants too but additional time off no he was not right.

Employers know that employee needs to take a break once in a while to regroup and that why companies offer paid time off (PTO) in the form of vacation days, holidays, personal leave and sick leave. Some employer plan will offer a specific amount of days for each form of PTO, while others, particularly in healthcare and financial industries, provide one set amount of paid days off that can use for various reason at the employee’s discretion and in which he choice his.B) In this saturations the company can terminated the employee for taking additional day off and also for falling behind in his/her work in which the other employee have to pick up. Which is call lack of work performance Rhonda enjoys socializing with fellow employees at work, but their discussion usually consists of gossiping about other people, including several of her friends. At first Rhonda feels uncomfortable talking in this way about people she is close to, but then she decided it does no real harm and she feels no remorse for joining in.

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A) Rhonda was wrong because it does do harm talking about someone especially someone she is support to be friends with. Just because she think that those people do not know that she is talking about them doesn’t mean they don’t have feeling about. Rhonda need to let the people who are talking about her friends know that it is not nice to talk about someone especially behind he/she because that people can’t defend themselves. I know it’s easy say then done but people truly need to stop talking about other people because that how feeling get hurt and rumor get started.