National Labor Relations Act

A labor union would want to organize and represent these graduate students (possible employees), at this university because they could be covered by the National Labor Relations Act.

The university’s repetition, might possibly be at jeopardy and legal action or settlement in the long run. 2.

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Why would Task, Rasa, and proctors want For the changes to the fellowship or requirements for union representation? Future graduate students within the university. 3. What rights would Task, Rasa and proctors have if the NELL rules they are “employees “under the ANAL? If they are employees, the ANAL protects their rights to make common cause with other employees to Improve working conditions and to have union representation. The common law defines an employee as having an employment relation with an employer.

Employee status Is a fact question and not a matter of titles or labels. . Which group(SSH If any, would be “employees” under the ANAL and, thereby, be allowed to form a union? The TA and RA stipends, or fellowship stipends, are “financial aid” which should be considered as employees. Task or Rasa lose their status as employees because the Task and Rasa are academically required to work was based on the false notion that there is no way to distinguish between a graduate student’s academic requirements and the “work appointments” of the Task or Rasa.

Assuming that these individuals usually are satisfying an academic acquirement, this was not determinative of employee status, nor temporary employees. BY Janet 587 1 .

Why would a labor union want to organize and represent Task, Rasa, ad proctors? A Relations Act. The university repetition, might possibly be at Jeopardy and legal other employees to improve working conditions and to have union representation. Employer.