endangerd animals

What has are world turned to? We are killing innocent animals for there beauty. Were hanging them on wall being proud but what most people don’t know we are driving them into extinction. Tigers, leopards, and turtles are just three animal that are endangered but there are millions more. These majestic animals do not mean to kill or injure humans. They are just protecting them selves from us.

Have you gone to a zoo and thought about what it was like for them out in the wild you might think they like it there but they really hate it inside barred cages and fences. There just waiting to go home, wanting to get out; wanting to go to be back in the wild but we put them in these enclosures so we can take pictures and see these poor animals The Samaritan Tiger, This tiger is the most endangered species because people cut down there habitat for new shelter but, what they don’t realize is that ithey are destroying someone else’s in the process. When you take away an animals habitat you are pretty much killing everything held precious to them like their cubs, food, and shelter. It kills them quickly, too. 80% of the forests in Asia already have been destroyed so, people can have fire wood. In the book “Tiger Rescue”, by Dan Bortolotti, there is this one tiger that was sent to jail for for being accused of killing five people and he has rubbed his face raw on the jail cell bars.

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The Leopard, The leopard used to be considered a nuisance to farms and the humans that run them and were frequently hunted. The leopard is comfortable in trees and sometimes hides his food in the trees so that other animals don’t eat it. They are graceful and powerful animals. If we keep killing leopards we wont be able to see these cool coated animals any more. The leopard is going to be gone in a few years if we don’t do some thing to save them. The leatherback turtle: This beautiful creature lives in the reefs of the Atlantic ocean.

Including Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and Mexico. What makes it a leatherback so beautiful is its slightly bendable and rubbery shell. Their shells are what most people are killing them for. People will also go to the turtle breeding grounds and dig up the eggs and sell them. Leatherback Turtle eggs are a delicacy in most countries where they roam. The poor babies will never even get a a chance at life because people come to watch them hatch and they surround the eggs so that the parents can’t help them get to the ocean.

Even before they hatch people will steal the eggs and sell them at markets for money where they are worth a lot. These beautiful animals need our help and they need it now because if we don’t do something now, there won’t be any animals to look at and admire. When I say we should admire them I mean that we should watch them while they are still alive so that we can see the beautiful movements of their fins. We may also be able to discover something about them that will help later on with water movements, a trick to running fast, or maybe we will discover new medicines made from their poop. Who knows? All I know is that if we help them today you will be thankful tomorrow.

Help save the Samaritan Tiger, the Leopard, and the Leatherback Turtle. Help them stay alive.