English Happiness Essay

There is evidence that Happiness is more of a state of mind rather than an emotion that is not controllable. Instead of being an emotion that is more of a reaction to other people and events. In other words, if you put yourself in a good mood, you can make yourself happy no matter what situation you are in.

After reading Ethan Frome and the two articles, it is clear to me that true happiness comes from inside. In the article “Happiness in Relationships,” the article says “The truth is that you make yourself happy, you probably just don’t know how anymore.” This quote means that happiness comes from inside and only you can fix it. This relates to Ethan Frome because Ethan doesn’t try or allow himself to be happy with his life. After marrying Zeena he lives a life of regret. Anything has the possibility to make you happy, even people.

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Just be being around people that claim you down or make you laugh can make you happy. Money is also a way to make people happy because it is good at eliminating stress and worry in people. When you are focused on stressful or other worrying things, they cannot think about being happy. Repeated happiness tests on people over the course of around 6 months can yield vastly different results, or be very similar. A lot can happen to a person during those 6 months.

They could have someone close to them pass away, or win the lottery. Either will drastically change how happy that person feels. Another article that shows internal happiness is “Are You Trapped and Unhappy in Your Relationship?” This article focuses on the internal struggle of how relationships effect your happiness. The article claims “despite the abundance of reason, many of which are realistic, there are deeper, unconscious ones that keep people trapped.” This quote is just more evidence that happiness can come from emotions. Ethan Frome is fed up and unhappy with Zeena but he still feels like he shouldn’t leave her.

Because Ethan is married, he has a reason to stay trapped. Throughout the story of Ethan Frome, Ethan is depressed and drained of motivation. When Ethan sees Mattie for the first time, Ethan immediately feels happy inside and hopeful. This is just another way happiness is effected by emotion. Words like consciousness and internally to explain how happiness effects you inside.

Other words like trapped, broken, and helpless, help me come to the conclusion that unhappy relationships trap and break your happiness.