Enterprise Resource Planning Project on Godiva Chocolatier

PURPOSE OF THE REQUEST Mission of the ERP project is to manage whole transaction with our customers and suppliers using information between all business functions in order to increase efficiency and productivity. Sub-goals of the project can be exampled as is to take orders from customers , to make necessary purchase orders to suppliers , to transfer raw materials to production unit , to make necessary production for orders and to complete transaction with our customers and suppliers.Our objectives in this project are using information between all business units of our company to increase efficiency of transaction with our customers and our suppliers and also to increase productivity by using this information. Customer relationship management (CRM) at Godiva is a tool for creating and maintaining lasting relationships with customers and lays the basis for targeted marketing and product development.

As company spokeswoman Viviane Burgess says, “the Company needs to keep track of evolving consumer behaviours in order to offer those products which best respond to their needs. COMPANY INFORMATION AND BACKGROUND A. Brief History Godiva Chocolatier is specialised in the production of premium chocolate. The company is based n Brussels, Belgium. It has manufacturing facilities in Belgium and the USA and nearly four thousand points of sale world-wide.

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Godiva Chocolatier was founded 80 years ago when master chocolatier Joseph Draps founded a chocolate company that was named in honor of the legend of Lady Godiva. As the success of Godiva Chocolatier grew in Belgium, Joseph Draps sought to expand the company into international horizons.The first Godiva boutique outside of Belgium was opened in 1958 in Paris on the fashionable Rue St. Honore. Openings in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and more followed.

The Godiva brand then looked to North America. Godiva made its North American debut in 1966, at one of the country’s most elegant department stores, Wanamaker’s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Expansion also continued into Asia. Godiva is now available from Belgium to Singapore, from Denver to Dubai, making the Godiva brand known – and loved – in over 80 countries around the world.Since its introduction to America in 1966, Godiva continues to be the leader in the premium confectionery category.

Godiva Chocolatier owns and operates more than 450 boutiques and shops worldwide where consumers can find a comprehensive selection of Godiva offerings. Godiva products are also available at finer department and specialty stores. Additionally, the company issues six seasonal mail-order catalogs a year in North America and accepts phone and internet orders.