Essay about love, peace and war – Sequence Essay

Title: Is There A Sequence Of Events Where Hate Leads To War?In my essay, I discuss the sequence of events that leads to war and maybe even the to a person becoming evil. My sequence is based on a theory first put forwards by the movie franchise Star Wars. Despite the fact that the work is purely artistic in nature and has no bearing in reality, I will discuss the idea that a person may allow themselves to become evil by using a Star Wars notion as my starting point. I point out that war may start because of fear.Fear – Sequence point number twoI was first inspired to research this sequence by a quote from Yoda from a Star Wars movie, which goes: “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate.

Hate leads to suffering.”Could fear lead to anger, anger lead to hate, and hate lead to war? On the other hand, could the ability to deny or fight fear lead, eventually, to love? I believe the quote by Yoda in the Star Wars movie holds some truth.Fear to anger – Sequence point number twoFear is a base emotion that is able to control the actions of some people. Some people are bent to its will and they act irrationally because of it. Irrational behavior and thoughts could lead to anger.Anger is often the result of a loss of control.

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A person that is frustrated and has no capacity to think up further solutions may turn to anger. It therefore fits that a person with irrational thoughts and irrational behavior may become frustrated and resort to anger.Anger to hate – Sequence point number threeAnger is not a form of hate, but it can create hate if it is mixed with other people. An angry person on his or her own is fine, but if someone else is there to experience the anger, then that person is going to react to it. Their reaction may create anger and hatred in both parties. This is especially true if the person experiencing the anger is upset by it.

The person exhibiting the anger is already upset. So much upset and anger may easily lead to hate.Hate to war – Sequence point number fourHatred is often the reason for war. The conflict in the Middle East involving Muslims, Christians and Jews is a perfect example of how hatred can cause war. The people of Northern Ireland and Mainland Ireland are full of hate for each other, and that has caused war and terrorism for years.

It is quite plausible that hate may lead to war.ConclusionI find that fear may eventually lead to war. I can even relate the US going to war with Iraq with fear. The Americans were afraid of what the Iraq government may do if they were to get their hands on lots of WMDs, so they started a war out of fear. Does this mean the removal or that overcoming fear may lead to love? I simply do not know, but it would certainly be a good starting point. If there is such a thing as evil, I think fear would accelerate/bolster it.