Essay about my hero – Critical Essay

My essay is about my hero Quentin Tarantino. To demonstrate why he is a hero of mine, I have written a critical essay about his movie Django. I feel that this movie demonstrate what a visionary and different director Quentin Tarantino is, and I think it is yet another work of art.

A Hero of MineHow Quentin Tarantino managed to infuse the movie with almost relentless comedy was surreal, which made the shocking and gruesome parts stand out all the more. I am sure that the work of Quentin Tarantino will go down in history and that people will one day look back at his movies with the same reverence and respect that we give long-dead artists today. The Django Movie So many western movies get parts of life in pre-civil war correct and parts wrong. This movie is no different, except for the fact that the portion on slavery is incredibly grounded to the point where it looks almost unbelievable. For example, the fact that they put a woman in a hot metal box to punish her is not unbelievable, but the fact that she is then watered down and handled like a rag doll is jaw dropping.

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She is then slung into a wheelbarrow and literally carted off to be washed and cleaned up for a guest who wishes to rape her. (Scott, 1995). The Movie Is Not Based On a True StoryNobody is claiming that this movie is 100% historically accurate, and no Django essay will make that claim, but it is no different from the movies that show slaves with good teeth or white people with perfect skin. The film has its fair share of exaggerations, but it seems to ignore current movie expectations. A horse gets its brain shot out in full view of the camera, which is a big no-no in movie terms (CGI effects, no horses were actually harmed).

The focus on the story seems to tease the audience–as most want to experience and see the atrocities going on around the characters. Yet, we only see the parts that the characters see. The attitudes of the side characters towards black people are such a normal attitude that any deviation from such is abhorrent to them. This is not unlike the genuine attitudes of most people in that era, and yet it is brushed over in so many Hollywood movies. There is no Django essay that is going to correctly describe how this genuine attitude is portrayed; you will simply need to see the movie. (Villa, 2011).

ConclusionIn the movie, you should take note of how Samuel L Jackson is magnificent. At first, he appears to be a comic relief character until he starts to interact with the lead characters wife, at which point he becomes very scary. Leonardo Di Caprio has not been this good since Shutter Island. He only appears half way through the movie, but is never the less a highly entertaining element of the movie. He behaves with a callous disregard for human life that is eerily reminiscent of how people behaved back in those days.

(Scott, 1995), (Trinkley, 2007).This is a fantastic movie, which I feel helps people understand why Quentin Tarantino is a hero of mine. I think we should judge his greatness by the work he has done, which in my mind makes him the best director and film maker there ever was.Resources.Scott, T, A.

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