Essay about soccer injuries

Research Proposal Essay My Research Proposal Essay focuses on sporting injuries. I would like to study soccer injuries in particular and would like funding for my research. In my essay below I feature a portion of my current knowledge on soccer injuries, which is followed by what I am hoping to discover when I conduct my funded research.

Knee injuriesThese are not that common when compared to something such as ankle injuries. Compared to the ordinary non-sporting citizen a soccer player is highly susceptible (by comparison). A torn knee is very painful and one of the most serious knee injuries a soccer player may suffer because it takes a very long time to heal and may never heal to be as strong as it was. It is known as an anterior cruciate ligament tear of the Knee. Ankle injuriesThe most common injury a soccer player experiences is an ankle sprain and this is because soccer players have to put a lot of repetitive pressure on their ankles.

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It can become more serious if it is not correctly treated and if the player is not given enough time to recover. Accidents cause ankle injuries as often as the player causes it independently (i.e. when playing or training).Head injuriesIn terms of recovery, there are very few head injuries that require a player to take an extended leave from playing football. There is also the benefit that most players with head injuries may still keep up with their training.

The most serious injuries often involve a concussion, at which point a head injury become more serious. Hamstring injuriesA soccer player will damage his or her hamstring quite a few times over a football career. It is a very common injury and one that all players experience at one time or another. Proper stretching and warming up can help avoid a hamstring injury, but the game of soccer involves a lot of sudden moves and sprinting and this makes the hamstrings work very hard.What I am hoping to discover when I conduct my funded researchI intend to find out why some injuries are inevitable when people play soccer professionally. It appears to be the massive amount of training that the players do that makes them more susceptible to certain injuries.

I have a theory that the players may still be able to train as hard as they do without inevitable injures occurring. I believe I will find at least one way in which players may avoid something such as a hamstring injury by changing his or her training routine. ConclusionMy project parameters, timeframe and needed tools and funding are all included in my proposal. I believe I have hit upon an avenue of research that has been tried and abandoned by a great many. I truly believe that if the research were carried through until the need that I may discover something about soccer training that has not yet been discovered. I may be able to help soccer players avoid injuries that they have otherwise considered to be inevitable and part of the job.