Essay about technology in the future – Argumentative Essay

In my essay, I argue the fact that battery powered cars may one day be a common occurrence and that one day battery powered cars will replace cars fuelled by fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel.Cars will eventually be battery poweredThanks the Smartphones and tablets there is a lot of money being pumped into smaller batteries that are more powerful and last longer. Over time this technology will be adapted so that batteries may successfully power cars.

There are already electric cars that work well when compared with fossil fuel cars. There is too much money tied up in fossil fuelsOil provides a massive amount of income for places like the USA and Russia and most of the world relies on fossil fuels to the point where if it were to dry up tomorrow then most of the world’s travel would come to a complete standstill. This gives companies very little incentive to research battery powered cars and there are too many with interests in fossil fuels to allow research to be conducted successfully.Fossil fuels are dwindlingThe cost of fossil fuels is climbing ever higher because fossil fuels are dwindling. Within a few years, it may be so scarce that people are unable to use fossil fuels to generate power or to fuel vehicles. Cars that are more efficient will extend the use of fossil fuels There are already vehicles that use 20% of the fuel that similar vehicles used to use just fifteen years ago.

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More fuel efficient cars are going to be created meaning that battery powered cars will not be needed. The fact that fossil fuels will expire means that battery powered cars must be madeThis is only one of a number of possibilities as by the time that fossil fuels start to run out we may have invented a new form of fuel. We may be able to make safe hydrogen powered cars or even cars fuelled by radioactive material. It is also possible that bio-fuel will power cars or that a new way to create fossil fuels will be discovered. Battery powered cars have already been invented There is only a chance that other forms of fuel will replace fossil fuels, but we cannot ignore that electric cars already exist and work very well.

It is more likely that cars powered by electricity will replace cars powered by petrol and diesel. It would make traveling by car more convenient as it would mean people could charge up their cars in far more places than they can currently purchase petrol or diesel. In addition, there is even a chance that solar energy may charge cars in the future. ConclusionI find that there is a very good chance that battery powered cars will replace cars powered by fossil fuels. There is a chance that bio-diesel may one day power cars, but since electric cars are making such progress, and because new batteries are being developed at such a fast rate, I feel confident that battery powered cars will one day replace cars powered by fossil fuels.