Establishing Pomelo Wine Processing Plant

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Roomer F. Verona Filipinos’ wine consumption increases by 10 percent each year. Filipinos were seen to be the number one wine drinkers in Asia consuming a total of 146,000 bottles of wine Joyce P. Valuable Health Action Information Network, the Philippines). Filipinos drink to socialize and to remove stress and burden, coping, escaping and medicating oneself.

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Among of the common wine that are consumed by many may include grape- based and non-grape-based (ENG). ENG include wines produced from fruits like apples and elder berries, starches like rice, as well as flowers and weeds like dandelion and marijuana (http://en. Wisped. Org/wick/Non-grape-based_wine). Pommel is an abundant fruit tree in the Philippines.

Hence, it can be found everywhere in the locality. The fruit has a diverse function to human for it serves as not only medicine to cure certain health infirmities; prevent our body from various diseases ‘ ;and as well as help digestion in efficient way.

As a matter of fact, pommels are usually eaten not Just because of the great taste it possesses and also because of its nutritional value. Since most of the fruits can be made into wine, the researcher try to consider the possibilities of making a wine out of pommel fruit extract. The foreseen success of this study pave way to the discovery that pommel can be utilized as wine. Thus, this could add as another option to wine consumers.

In addition, since wine are popular in Filipino and Filipinos are said to be the mild drinkers, the advocate decided to study the feasibility of pommel wine.

Lastly, in ton socio-economic benefits of the project in terms of social aspect and government aspect. From the data taken in selected household in every barraging within the vicinity of City.The main research instrument used was the survey written questionnaire. This questionnaire was for the respondents who were 18 above of age.

The questionnaires were supplemented with interviews. This was done in assisting and guiding the respondents on how to answer certain portions of such questionnaire, which would seem difficult to understand for them. Barbarians of Button City.

The other source was taken from the government agencies such as Department of Trade and Industry (EDIT) and National Statistics Office (NSA) The samples that were used in this study were 500 selected households from the total number of households 60,755 households in Button City.First thing the researcher did was gone to the National Statistics Office (NSA) to get the current total number of household population in Button City to be able to get the Demand of the study.

The selected households were 500 and then made a written survey questionnaire which was checked by the instructor.